Sunday, June 13, 2010


Daisy adores her Daddy:-)
I never seem to get pictures of Daisy smiling with me but, I promise she does!! lol

Daisy was given a pair of overalls and I could barely stand how cute she looked in them. They are still a tad too long on her but, she looked like such a big girl already!! It absolutely blows me away that Daisy will be 11 weeks old in just 3 days. Oh my golly, slow down baby:-)

We got an awesome video of Daisy squealing/playing with me and I will post it soon. Mom, you will be amazed at how much more talkative she has gotten since you were here last. There is no words that can describe how exhilarating it is when you hear/see your child do something for the first time or even the first several times. It is thrilling and priceless! I was wondering if Daisy was going to be a super quiet kid because she really didn't chat much for so long...nope, not a problem anymore! lol

Daisy is wearing 3-6 month outfits most of the time now. She still fits in some of her 0-3 month onesies etc. but, jammies are too short unless they are 3-6 month. I'm dying to find out what this kid weighs and what her length week until her checkup!


  1. Look at those overalls! They look adorable :-) I am amazed she is already in 3-6 month clothes.

  2. she is so adorable Casey... I love looking at her! You can sooo see the Love that you guys have for her. Cute outfit! Keep the precious photos coming!

  3. AHHHHHHH, she is SO cute!!!!!!

  4. Loveeed these pictures!!! Can't help but smile when ya see her :)

  5. SHE IS SO CUTE!!!!! Seriously, she is perfect. :-)


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