Tuesday, June 1, 2010

4 Pack Memorial Day Fun

The three girls of the four pack, Daisy, Lila (not enjoying being smashed in the middle) and Raelyn. I love how different the babies all look and act. They are all so beautiful and unique. It's such a blast to get together with the other families and their children:). Can you tell Daisy's face is saying, "mom, why are you doing this to me? My ears hurt:)." lol
Raelyn has the most striking blue eyes and they really pop against her amazing thick brown hair:). Lila is so dainty and also has gorgeous blue eyes and porcelain skin. Daisy has a slight olive tint to her skin and has the darkest eyes of the 4 pack. I'm guessing she got those things from her daddy:).
This is the start of the couch photo shoot with the 4 pack and you will see that things went as well as could be expected with 4 very small babies:). These pictures crack me up because so much happened in such a short period of time and each baby had their own expression and mood going on. So awesome!! These kids are already best buds and they don't even know it! Love Sam's smile in this picture up top! Enjoy the series....lol

Beautiful little Lila bean
Lila is already rolling over and it looks like that is what she is wanting to do in this picture below:)
Sam and his lovely mama Lindsey - the host of our memorial day BBQ - Thank you!
Sam and his Daddy Todd - also the host and helped get a great smile out of Sam:)
These pictures did not turn out like I envisioned. It'll be a better idea when they are older and can sit up on their own though:).
4 little babies sitting in a wheelbarrow - just hanging out:)
Sam rocking his million dollar smile!
We all had a great time hanging out together on Memorial Day. We BBQ'd hamburgers and ate lots of yummy food and had cheesecake for dessert (thank you Todd and Lindsey!). It's amazing how much the babies have all changed over the past few months. It is such a treat to be a part of their lives from day one on! Stay tuned for many, many more 4 pack photo shoots in the future:).


  1. Oh my these are precious!! Sam looks like he is thrilled to be surrounded by all those beautiful girls!!!

  2. Hello,

    I was browsing through blogs and came across yours. First what a beautiful family and secondly, I love your pictures. Enjoy enjoy....they grow up so fast. My baby just graduated. Now the empty nest begins. Happy day.


  3. Those babies are SO precious! Each one is such a cutie :) I think they are all gonna be very good friends.

  4. These are great!! Even though they didn't turn out perfect, that almost makes them better! I think it's so cool that you have friends there that are all sharing in this stage of life with you - great little friends for Daisy! Side note - I LOVE that you have Out of Eden on your song list on here - it came on when I got onto your blog and I was like "WoW!!!" I LOVED them growing up and haven't heard them in forever!!

  5. Look at the babies! Thanks for taking such cute pictures of the Pack. We'll have to try again soon.

  6. how cute casey! You MUST keep taking pictures of them all together... it is easier now until they start crawling and then it will be nearly impossible for a shot where you get all their faces towards you! Daisy reminds me so much of Maddie when she was a baby with her olive skin and dark hair! I think you will have a brown girl too! Lets talk soon ok!

  7. Cutie kids just look at those lashes.


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