Sunday, May 30, 2010

Official 8 Week Pictures

Daisy's eye color has yet to reveal itself but, she has the most beautiful almond shaped, and cheerful eyes. I'm thinking her eye color will probably be a hazel color like mine but, we shall see:) (Thank you Lindsey for the headbands and Melissa for the cute outfit:)

Yes, our little girl has gotten quite chunky and healthy and we LOVE her baby rolls and round face:) I would like to add that she is also very long so I have a feeling we are going to have a tall little girl someday!
love her little smirk/smile! It absolutely melts my heart and lights up my day!!
I'm going to try and get better about taking weekly pictures on the right day and posting them better so you can see her weekly growth instead of things all out of order and random. Yah, we'll see about that:)

It's absolutely amazing how much and how fast a baby changes. Daisy's look has changed so much over the past 8 weeks and she is so active, strong, alert and feisty now. It's as if you hate to blink because you worry that you might miss some monumental milestone as they tend to happen that fast! Daisy is grabbing at things all the time now and talking a lot more, though she seems to be a bit more introspective and on the quiet side with her chatter. I'm sure that will only be temporary:). She loves to look at ceiling lights, bright colored things or things with a lot of contrast. I usually lay Daisy on a blanket on the living room floor each morning and she is content to lay there for a good 20 minutes and just stare at things around her. She is such a great baby and I feel so blessed to have such a pleasant first time experience!! Her weakness is that she hates the car seat, because she doesn't like being confined at all so driving or going shopping with Daisy has been a big challenge. It's not that I can't handle Daisy crying it's just that it isn't the most pleasant way to enjoy a shopping trip so I tend to not shop quite as or leisure (the latter probably not such a bad idea:). I'm hoping to post a video soon of Daisy chatting up a storm with me in the morning but, I have yet to film it without her noticing the camera and then zoning out in awe of the big black thing in her face. lol


  1. ooo I have been waiting to see her in that brown and orange outfit! She is so precious and has the cutest little smile!

  2. HI Casey, great pictures of Daisy. Again I have to exclaim how CUTE she is!

    The team sent you a gift about a week and a half ago. Did you ever get it? I'm hoping I sent it to the right address. Let me know.

  3. She is so beautiful!!! You are so good about posting pics.

  4. I love the one of her smirking! I wish I could keep headbands on Lila


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