Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Already One Month Old!

I have had one of the most wonderful months of my life being home with Daisy and watching her grow. I can't believe that she is five weeks old already!! Joey and I were observing that Daisy has gotten very good at turning her head back and forth to look directly at people or things when she wants to. She also has loved holding her head up (with support of course) since day one and as a result her neck is getting so much stronger and she can hold it up on her own a lot longer now. She is also so squirmy that I wouldn't be surprised if Daisy is rolling over very soon. She loves chatting and is happiest and most talkative in the mornings and early afternoons. She tends to fight sleep and nap time and can get a bit cranky when she doesn't get a long nap in during the day. Today she got a nice long nap and was super happy and adorable all day but, now as I type this at 11 PM Daisy doesn't want to go to sleep for the night. It seems that sleep is going to be our tough area with Daisy for a while but, in time this too shall pass:-) As I said in the last post, Daisy is smiling a lot more often now and intentionally. It is the cutest thing in the world to see that gummy mouth bust into a huge, ear to ear smile. LOVE IT!!

Some of these pictures are a bit repetitious but, I liked them all so I couldn't choose just one. Daisy has lost a lot of her hair at the front of her head but, still has quite a bit on the sides and back. Culdesac hair as we call it;). Both Joey and I lost most of our hair after we were born and it started filling back in when we were about a year old I think. Still thinking Daisy looks the most like Joey at this point but, then again she changes so much just about everyday so tomorrow she could look more like me! lol. My last note on Daisy is that she has almost completely outgrown her newborn onesies and clothes. Some of them still fit her, but are quite snug due to her chunky belly and long torso. I have been dressing Daisy in her 0-3 month onesies and they fit her much better but, are still just a tad too long but, not by much. That's all on my little Daisy Love for now:-).

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  1. she is so so adorable! it's crazy how fast the time fly's by! enjoy every minute:)


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