Monday, May 24, 2010

Back to work for me today:-(

Our good friends Mike and Elissa's boys. Elissa drove down from VA to visit us and see Daisy a couple weeks ago. Top: Austin- 1 years 3 months Below: Logan- 3 years old. We love these boys to pieces!!
Daddy and Daisy enjoying some warm fresh air
My cutie Pie at seven weeks
Cracks me up how she likes her pacifier smashed up in her face while she sleeps:)

So I started back up with my 7:30-4 PM full time shift today. I will confess that last night I had a tiny melt down (in bed by myself). My melt downs tend to consist of a handful of tears once or twice a year and a pitiful, "why me," moan up to the Heavens, which ultimately ends in me completely zonked out and snoring because I am simply overtired! lol I was extremely over tired, I had just finished watching the LOST finale and I was upset that it is over, I was emotional about all the unknowns of working full time and missing my usually quality time with Daisy and I was stressing about how on Earth I am going to juggle being an great mom to my daughter, a great wife to my husband, a diligent full time employee, errand runner, bill payer, meal cooker, solid sleeper etc.?? I think all first time working moms can relate and I know with time the juggling act gets easier but, lets be this point it just plain sucks.

Quick tangent here: I'm typing this as Daisy lays next to me on a pillow and scopes out the living room lights and bright colors. Then out of no where she noticed my gray and black polka dotted shirt and her eyes got huge and zoned in like a fly being lured to a flame. Quite funny to see the entranced look on her face over something as simple as my dotted shirt! lol. Oh, the simple things in life:).

Oh and another tangent: What a awesome hubby I have. He ran out to the store really quick tonight and knowing that I had a rough day, brought me home Skittles (my obsession lately), Coke (my other obsession that I am not proud of) and Sour Patch Kids. Does my guy know how to take care of his woman or what! Way to go hubs:-)

Anyways back to my other thoughts: It has been such a challenge to get Daisy to fall to sleep at night over the past 7 weeks (and to stay asleep for more than 3 hour stretches). It can take a good 30-60 minutes after laying Daisy down, even if she is exhausted to actually fall asleep at night. I go in and out of her room a few times and give her the pacifier back as needed and eventually she falls asleep. I was putting Daisy down around 10:30-11 at night since she slept so little to try and stretch her to a decent morning hour like 5 or 6 but, then we were up until close to midnight waiting for her to fall asleep. Sooooo...I decided to try a new method....well, to try my old method again and last night it worked great. I seem to say that a lot on this blog and then I jinx myself so now I'm nervous...hmmmm...What will be will be right:). Anyhoo, I have begun swaddling her with the velcro blanket again and that keeps her hands tucked away so she can't swat her pacifier out of her mouth at night or wake herself up by scratching her face. Last night we put her down a little after 9:30 and she woke up at all of her usual times but, when Joey got up and gave her the pacifier back she went right back to sleep all the way until 4:40 AM!! I was sooooo thrilled and actually felt a tad rested when I woke up which I haven't felt in 12 months. lol. So, we are trying this method out for a while to see how it goes. Wish us luck. Oh, and Daisy is now sleeping in her own crib at night! What a big girl!! The first night I was super emotional and sad that my baby would never be tiny and sleeping near my in our room again but, by night two I was over it and glad that I didn't have to tiptoe around my room all night. I think she is getting used to the crib and sleeping better even, though the first couple of nights were rough as she adjusted. So yeah. That's the latest sleep talk.

Nanny Nikki did awesome with Daisy today! Daisy was all messed up schedule wise due to her new longer night of sleep so she was a tad fussy but, Nikki handled her like a champ and Daisy never even had a melt down. Yeah! Daisy really seems to gravitate towards soft female voices and gentle touch. Nikki is calm, patient, soft spoken and gentle and as a result Daisy didn't even seem to know that I was gone from the sound of it:).


  1. Oh, I so remember going back to work after having my first. With my 2nd, 3rd & 4th child I took off four months. With my 5th child I never went back :)
    Will lift you up in my prayers today.
    Linda<><(MaryEllen's big sis)

  2. ((((Hugs)))) I am praying for you during this difficult transition. I was blessed to only have to return to work with my first baby and then after much prayer the Lord opened the door less than 2 years later to stay home....15 years later, I am still home and pray for other mommy's who share the heartache. Continue crying your prayers to the Father above...HE does hear them!



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