Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random Ones For Fun

Gotta love these faces:) Daisy has so many expressions and they all crack us up!
My feisty girl! -This Gap outfit is one of may all time faves on Daisy. Not sure why but, I just love it and it was given to her by my neighbor's sister. Thank you so much!
She loves staring intensely at me. It's so cute! And to be honest I love staring intensely at her. She is sooooo fun to observe and watch for hours on end:)
I took these pictures specifically to show that JOey and Daisy are you see the resemblance too???

She loves listening to her daddy talk. She is definitely going to be a Daddy's girl!
Great Grandpa Bailey and Daisy just hanging out.

Great Grandma Bailey and Daisy hanging out in one of Daisy's favorite places:)
I still have so many more pictures to catch up on and post. I think I will be saying that forever though so oh well, I guess it is what it is:). Daisy will be 8 weeks old in just 4 days! Crazy that my little pumpkin is already two months old!! I seriously cannot believe how fast time flies with a little baby. I can't get enough of Daisy. I love everything that she does even if it is fussing. She toots a lot and it cracks us up to no end because it can be so loud and so un-lady like. Last Sunday in church Daisy tooted quite loud and I think some people around us thought that Joey or myself had let one go. Oh my. lol. I have picked up on the fact that Daisy is quite content to just lay on a blanket on the living room floor and just stare at various things such as the ceiling lights, the entertainment center or her play mat from a distance. She can keep herself busy for a good 20 minutes and just talk to herself. It's amazing actually. Joey and I are also becoming more and more aware that Daisy really doesn't like being held much at all unless it is up on the shoulder so she can look over and check things out. She seems to hate being confined to the crook of someone's arm as it restricts her ability to see things which causes her to get fussy quite quickly. It's kind of a bummer that my munchkin is not a cuddle bug but, when she is tired that is when we get those precious cuddle moments and I have to really savor them then! Truthfully, now that I've learned what Daisy likes and doesn't like (which will of course change constantly) she is so much happier and more content. She is a great baby and smiles SO much which melts our hearts!

I have been working on a 3 hour eat, play, sleep (with flexibility of course) schedule with Daisy during the day and it seems to be going great. I have finally learned to read when Daisy is starting to get tired and then I get her in nap mode right away before she gets too far past that point which causes her to get fussy and to fight sleep. Yeah for progress!! Nighttime is still not so great so yah..we win some and lose some I guess:). Oh, and I have napped Daisy in her actual crib a few times over the past couple of days (it hasn't gone well) and tonight we are going to try and have Daisy sleep in her crib and see how that goes. So far she wakes up a ton so I'm not anticipating it to be a great night but, I could be wrong. Oh how I would love to be wrong, but as I type this it is 11PM at night and Daisy is fussing in her crib as we speak. Not a good sign. Joey and I are both just so tired of having to be so quiet in our room in order for Daisy to stay asleep but, on the other hand, I will now dread having to get up 2-4 times a night to walk across the house to give Daisy her pacifier back and help her fall back to sleep. Oye. This kid is amazing overall but, sleep time is not a fun experience with Daisy.

I have more I wanted to share but, this was plenty long winded enough so I'll save it for another post. Night. I'm exhausted!


  1. Love the pictures! Keep them coming. You have such a beautiful baby girl :)

    I also love how you decorated Daisy's room - so pink and girly, haha!

  2. Yes, she is her Daddy's clone for SURE! But I do see a touch of her beautiful Mommy in there as well :)

  3. How did it go with Daisy in her crib at night??


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