Saturday, May 8, 2010


I posted the worship song Desert, by Hillsong United a while back but, I didn't post the testimony of one of the gals who sings it. It is very humbling and deeply touching and does not take long to watch so check it out. I have watched it a few times now but, this morning as the CD plays in my house and as my precious daughter sleeps peacefully on the couch while this particular song plays around her I am thinking so many things. I'm thinking how incredibly blessed I am that I have a healthy child and that I am a mother now. As I look at her helpless little body I know that I would do anything in my power to protect her from harm or pain but, ultimately I cannot protect her from everything and instead I have to learn to completely entrust her in God's loving care. I've been so overwhelmingly busy and tired since Daisy was born that I have not been praying or reading my Bible nearly as much as I need to, want to or should! More than anything else, I want my daughter to have an passionate relationship with Jesus Christ. I want her to know that her mama prayed diligently for her day after day and I want her to worship the Lord with her every breath. So, the responsibility starts with me to set that example and to be consistent in my pursuit of the Lord. It isn't always easy to find the time to worship the Lord, things are constantly distracting us, seasons of life might depress us and tempt us to turn from the Lord or seasons might be so great that we forget to praise the Lord in the midst of them because we might not feel the need to pursue God when things are so good (how sad though)! Just because we don't feel like worshiping doesn't mean we shouldn't do it, in fact all the more reason to press into worship deeper and more persistently and then in the process, thwart the enemies efforts to knock us off our guard. Anyways, this one post has taken me several hours to type and thus my thoughts are all discombobulated and I don't think this came out quite like I had hoped but, the video is quite concise and moving so give it a try:). Thanks for listening and may the Lord richly bless you with a passionate life of worship regardless of the season, distraction or mood you might be in. Bless the name of the Lord! If you want to watch the full song click here:

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