Friday, May 14, 2010

6 Weeks - growing so fast

My friend Elissa came down from Virginia with her two little boys to visit me and see Daisy in person for the first time over the past couple of days. While she was here she suggested that we use Daisy's basket for a little photo shoot and I thought it was a great idea so we went for it. The pictures turned out so cute and I really think they are some of my favorites so far:). Thanks for the idea Elissa and thanks for the visit. It was so great to see you and the boys!

Daisy is 6 weeks old now! I can't get enough of our chubby cheeked baby girl:-) She is continuing to improve in her sleeping habits and last night we had our best night with her thus far. She slept from 10:30 PM to 3 AM then I fed her and she went back to sleep until 7AM. Granted, she does wake up from time to time and I have to give her a pacifier for her to fall back to sleep and stroke her cheek with my finger to soothe her but, then she usually falls right back to sleep. I truly think I have an angel baby (overall of course):) I am getting tons and tons of smiles and coos out of Daisy now as is Joey and they are all priceless!! As a parent it seems to be all about learning what your baby/child likes and doesn't like and then again, teaching them to like things through repetition and patience. lol. Daisy is starting to like her swing more little by little (still working on it), she likes staring at her toys while she sits in her bouncer for about 15 minutes or so and she still loves her sponge baths so long as we make sure she is nice and warm through the whole process...she loves the warm water just like her mama and she still loves talking to us when we change her diaper on her changing pad:). Daisy is also fond of laying in soft fluffy blankets on our bed in the morning so she can stare at the sunlight streaming in the window and though she does enjoy being held she does seem to tire of it unless she is sleepy which is understandable as it gets uncomfortable I'm sure. Plain and simple the kid likes variety and who could blame her right? Don't we all:-) So most of my days with Daisy consist of her napping, eating, hanging out on her changing table talking, playing under her play mat while we chat, bouncer time while I shower, swing time when she's sleepy and arm time when she's sleepy and then repeat. lol. Very, very exciting day for both of us!! :) I'm loving it all to be honest.

Daisy really amazed me (blew me away is more like it) yesterday by repeatedly smacking at her rattle intentionally on her play mat over and over again for about a half an hour. I could tell that it took a tremendous amount of energy and effort for her to control her hand and to actually hit the rattle but, she was determined to do it and she did! I could tell that it was overwhelming her...maybe even stressing her out after a bit so I gave her a break and she fell asleep from exhaustion poor baby. I am so surprised by how advanced her efforts are though. I have a short video to post of her smacking at her rattle. It's pretty cute. Daisy is one sharp cookie!

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  1. These pictures kill me!!! I LOVE THEM!!! Great idea for sure!! She still seems so teeny tiny to me. She is so precious! I love the way you describe things because it takes me back to those moments with my babies. Even though Cooper was just there, he is changing so much all of the time; and your posts help me remember things. Your posts also make me want another newborn baby...stop it. I love your little family, it's amazing!
    p.s. did Joey pick out that outfit on Daisy?


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