Friday, May 21, 2010

Four Pack Minus One

Me and Daisy got together with Lindsay H. and her daughter Lila (middle) and Lindsey D. and her son Sam yesterday and thankfully before we left we remembered to take a quick picture of our kiddos together on the couch. It was pretty comical because they had all just woken up from napping while we had been walking so they were all kinda groggy. Daisy was really hot and sweaty and red faced and each of babies started sliding and falling over onto each other but, we managed to snap a few cute pics before the scene unraveled:). hahaha. I wish Jennifer and her daughter Raelyn had also been able to join us so we could get all 4 of the babies together but, I think we are going to try and do a photo shoot soon so stay tuned:). Each of the kids have so much personality and their own voices, languages and features that are so unique. It's such a blast to have these other moms and their babies to get together with. Daisy already has 3 best buds and she doesn't even know it yet! lol. Daisy is also the only baby who doesn't have blue eyes. We still don't know what color her eyes will be but, we are guessing brown or hazel. They are still looking pretty dark and gray. We shall see:). Love this picture though!

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  1. This photo makes me so happy. I am so thankful for the friends God has provided that we can all do life together. It will be amazing to see the way God knits our children together in friendship as they grow up.


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