Sunday, May 9, 2010

Me and the Kids - Happy Mother's Day

Dakota has been pretty good about not attacking Daisy with kisses or her paws on accident. On the other hand she has been very jealous of the time I have had to spend with Daisy, so I have tried to include Dakota as much as possible and this picture captures one of those moments perfectly. I think it's cute how curious Dakota is about Daisy and as long as we watch her she leaves Daisy alone which is great. Soon enough Daisy will be yanking Dakota's tail and chasing her around the house and then we will be worrying about Dakota! lol.

Today we had a wonderful Mother's Day service. The church spoiled all the mom's with a King sized candy bar and a note of appreciation as well as a coffee and doughnut cart that brought goodies to all the moms while they sat in church. Everyone was greeting me by saying "Happy Mother's Day" and since I am still completely new at being a mom it hasn't registered that this holiday now also includes me. Also, I wished young children, men and single gals a "Happy Mother's Day" right back because it was being said so much I wasn't even really thinking about who I was responding to. It's like when you go to a restaurant and the waiter says, "Enjoy your dinner," and without thinking about it you say, "you too." lol.


It is such a special thing to have now joined ranks with all the other amazing moms I know. I wish I could list all of you moms by name on my blog and give you personal kuddos for being so awesome but, that would be a really long list. So, I'll just say thank you! Thank you for all the tireless hours you have spent loving on, giving to and serving your children so they can grow up into confident, balanced, healthy, loved adults. Thank you for giving up so much of your free time and energy to bless the children in your life. God Bless each of you today and every day with extra strength, patience, love and endurance for the tough and the good days. You are all heroes in my book!! xoxo


  1. Happy Mothers Day Casey! Hope you enjoyed your very first! :) Loving all the pics of Daisy.. I think she has Joey's mischievous look in her eyes... she is going to be a lot of fun! ;)

  2. I love them new header pic with all three of you! beautiful!

  3. I also like the new header! This was a sweet post! That is so funny about you saying, "you too!" Haha, I think we have all done that in some way or another. Mother's Day is one of my favorite days of the year. So glad you get to celebrate now too!


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