Sunday, May 16, 2010

Can't Think of a Title

When all a baby can do is lay flat on their back it can be challenging to find different poses to put them in hence why quite a few of these look identical except for an outfit change. lol. Soon enough Daisy will be able to sit up and then the variety begins!

I just squeezed in a little nap while Daisy napped in her swing...finally. Thank God for naps, amen! The past couple of days I have been so zonked so it was such a treat to get a little recharge in to hold me over for a while.

I go back to work in just one short week! Boo Hoo. I had avoided talking about work during most of my maternity leave because I didn't want to spoil my time home with Daisy but, the past couple of weeks I have been searching diligently for a nanny for Daisy so I've had no choice but to face the music of my impending job return. I should add that I am incredibly grateful for my job and blessed to be able to work out of my home. Most moms would kill for a job like mine but, nonetheless it is still a job and I do have to work so I can't piddle around with my baby all day long which is what I would much rather do. Who could blame me...she's sooooo CUTE!! Say a prayer for me that I am able to find someone to watch Daisy that is responsible, safe, clean, trustworthy etc. I have had some leads but, then they fall through the cracks for some reason and the clock is really ticking now. Hoping for the best in Jesus name!


  1. New fave! The one of her on the couch. That one is a framer, I love it! I am praying for you on the nanny decision! We found a great daycare for Brayden two mornings a week (thankfully all we think we will need when Mike goes to work since he is going to be working nights) but they are FULL! We're on the waiting list, but just like you, the clock is ticking! Alas, I love these pictures of Miss Daisy and wish I could meet her more than I could tell you! XOXO!

  2. I love all the pictures, and who cares if all she does is lay there, that is when you can get the sharpest pictures! I love all your editing, makes them so much fun! Did the two gals from CL cancel on you? I will be praying even harder!

  3. I love them...duh! Your pictures turn out so nice! Casey I will pray that you get a nanny that you can completely trust and will take wonderful care of Daisy. Will the nanny be watching her at your house or somewhere else?

  4. you are fantastically talented at photography!


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