Monday, May 17, 2010

How To Enlarge Your Blog Pictures

Four generations on mother's day. Great Grandma Bev and Great Granddad Bud, Grandma Cindy, Daddy Joe and baby Daisy. Wow!
We planted a few more plants just last week. The planter looks much fuller and prettier now all thanks to Joey who worked tirelessly to get it all done. See Daisy on the porch??:) She hung out there for about 20 minutes while we both did yard work and she was such a champ!
This picture is blurry but, it was too cute not to share. On mother's day Daisy was laying on her play mat and surrounding her was her auntie Jess, Grandma Cindy, Great Grandma Bev and Great Aunt Kathy. So cute!!

How To Enlarge your Pictures

I have had some people ask me how I get my pictures to be the size that they are and since it is so easy I thought I would share with you how.

Once you have uploaded your pictures to your new post click on the Edit HTML tab below and to the right of your title box. This tab will bring up the code for each of your pictures and wherever you see width: 400px; height: 300px;" (your numbers may be different depending on the size of the picture you uploaded), double your picture's height number and width number. Last thing you have to do is look for this /s400 towards the end of each picture code and change the number from 400 to 800. It always has an s in front of it which makes it easy to locate. So, that's it. Double the height, width and s400 number and you will have nice big pictures to look at on your blog. It is a bit tedious to be honest so if anyone knows of a faster or easier way, share with me purdee please:). Also, I think you need to have a wide layout format for the pictures to fit in your blog properly. Then just click back on the compose tab and you are ready to go!

Good luck!!

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  1. That is funny you posted this because I was going to write you last week and ask how to do it, but I didn't cause I know you are busy. So just last night I looked it up online and figured it out!
    Anyway, super cute pics. Oh my goodness, daisy on the porch! I probably wouldn't have noticed her if you didn't mention her being in that one! So cute!!!


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