Friday, May 28, 2010

Survived Week One

Love these shots and the slightly cross eyed looks Daisy is giving me in pictures 1 and 3

She is definitely getting the hang of holding her head up slowly by surely but, as you can tell she isn't quite there yet. She also does not like being put on her tummy at all yet but, I think when she can hold her head up she'll like it more. Keep trying Daisy girl!
Oh my goodness. Dakota is so needy these days that whenever I lay on the floor to play with Daisy, Dakota jumps on my back, crawls down to my butt/leg area and curls up to sleep. She gets very mad at me when I want to stand up and will even nip at my pants occasionally to let me know how she feels. Oh Dakota you silly dog.

Daisy did great with the nanny all week this week except today because her tummy was really upset or she might even be sick as evidenced by her fussiness and her strange potty and gas. Its days like these that I wish I was a stay at home mama because I want to care for my daughter when she isn't feeling well because I know her best. I know what noises are happy and which ones are cries of pain or boredom and I know how to help her feel at ease. Other than that though I am so thankful that I survived my first week as a full time working mom. Boy am I tired though and I'm sure Joey is too because he has been given the night time pacifier shift which at this point requires him to get up a couple times at night or sometimes not at all like last night....drum roll...Daisy slept from 10:30 PM to 6 AM this morning and I only got up to give her the pacifier once at 4 AM!!! Seriously, I was in shock this morning because this is by far the best Daisy has ever slept and I even felt good at 4 AM when I got up because I got such a long chunk of uninterrupted sleep. Thank you Daisy! I'm not expecting this to become the norm just yet but, maybe it will be. I wouldn't mind that at all:).

Hope everyone enjoys their 3 day weekend! Joey is hoping to fish tomorrow and I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my baby girl after a crazy week. Sunday is church and a going away BBQ for Joey's sister, Jessica, who is moving back to California next week and Monday we are having a group BBQ with the 4 pack families:). I'm going to be taking lots of pictures of all 4 babies so stay tuned for that fun post!!


  1. So excited for our photo shoot on Monday. Love the Target onsie on Daisy :-) Sorry her tummy hurts today but I hope a little mommy time tomorrow will do the trick.

  2. of course she is so incredibly adorable...seriously casey, could you have made a more beautiful little girl? See you are enjoying your fun editing too! Makes her look even more soft and cuddlable (word?) That is cute about Dakota...I know Mela will sometimes do that too. Fun to have the whole family involved! I hope your nanny continues to turn out well, she will become a huge part of your family especially since she is at your house every day! Enjoy your weekend momma!


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