Friday, June 4, 2010

Long Week

It has been a super duper long and exhausting week. Let's just say that it tested my endurance and then some and it really had nothing to do with Daisy, though she is a lot of work:). I was just juggling one to many things and as it turns out, I'm not an energizer bunny after all. lol I won't bore you with the details (so unlike me I know:), but if you think to, say a prayer for me that I sleep better so that I have the energy for these brutal long week days and that the Lord would continue to teach me how to balance my life to the best of my ability but, in His strength, not mine. I'm pooped, beat, deader than a door nail:). lol

In other less negative news: Daisy is over 9 weeks old now! Holy moly my kid is growing way too fast!! Daisy is now much more strategic about sticking her fist in her mouth and sucking on her hands and she does it quite a bit. We went for a walk last night and she preferred her fist to her pacifier during the entire walk. It's funny because she slobbers all over the place and it's quite messy (hilarious though) and she makes such loud smacking noises the entire time. Cracks me up! I just have to make sure she doesn't throw her fist into her eye instead of her mouth which has unpleasant results for both of us! hahahha.

We have lots of diaper blow outs now. That is fun lemme tell yah! I'm sure it only gets better as they get older and their diapers get even fuller!! :) Daisy is sort of in between diaper sizes 1 and 2. 1 is very snug on her but, 2 is still too big so neither is a great fit. We have been putting her in size 2 because it's what we have but, I think that might be the cause of these blowouts. I had her in a super cute outfit this morning and was so excited for her to wear it today and then BAM, Daisy must have disagreed because she soiled the heck out of it!

Daisy has started to squeal in excitement when I am chatting with her. I LOVE hearing that squeal of delight! She still doesn't talk nearly as much as I would like to listen to her but, I suppose that just makes it that much more priceless when she does. I probably only get a long happy chatter out of Daisy maybe 3-4 times a day for about 5 minutes each. Tiki, her play mat Octopus (like the name we came up with for him?) gets more smiles than I do some days. I'm jealous! :). lol.

Laying on a blanket on the floor, talking to Tiki on her play mat, watching her mobile spin around in her crib, short walks around the block in her stroller and over the shoulder holding times are still Daisy's favorite things to do. Just this week I noticed that Daisy seemed to want to be held more than to be left alone which is new but, I have to hold her in an upright position so she can look out over my shoulder, suck on her fist which is propped up on my shoulder and scope out the world around her. Is my kid particular or what?? Ah well, I love her to pieces regardless.

Daisy is definitely a mama's girl at this point and is so chill and wonderful with me and I'm not bragging as it can actually make things more of a challenge (more for me and my tender mama heart) when I want to hand Daisy off to anyone else. At this point I am the only one that can console Daisy when she is fussy and boy can she get fussy with other people. I do love that she loves me so much but, I am glad that these things are just phases that she will out grow. At this point it has been hard for me to even want to leave her with anyone because I know she tends to get really histarical due to different handling styles etc. and it kills me to think of her screaming endlessly and me not being there to comfort her and calm her down. I know this is all first time mother protectiveness and blah blah blah but, I can't help it. Hmmm, maybe you should pray about that for me too:). Everyday is a learning experience for me in this whole new world of mommydom. I'm trying my best to balance my sensitive love for my daughter and my need to keep living in other ways too. Can anyone relate??

Nanny Nikki is still a great fit for Daisy. I really couldn't have found a more attentive, patient and calm young woman for the job on such short notice. I give God all the glory for that!

Nighttime routine is pretty solid with Daisy at the moment. We put her to sleep between 9:30 and 10, she wakes up 2-3 times a night briefly so we give her the pacifier really quick and generally she makes it like clock work to about 5 or 6 AM before she is ready to get the heck out of her crib. Then I roll out of bed like a zombie, nurse her and then she will usually tolerate me putting her in the swing for a little bit so I can take a nap before starting my day. We've got a pretty good system down these days and I am so thankful for that. It's still super tiring to get so little uninterrupted sleep but, it's soooooo much better than life with a super duper newborn so I'm not complaining.

And now ladies and gentlemen, you are officially caught up on the life and times of Daisy, Casey and Joey...well, not really Joey I suppose. Ummm, let me think...Joey made the most killer salsa last night! He combined two recipes and used lots of fresh cilantro (yummy!!), garlic, spices, toamtoes etc. and it was bomb diggity!! It was so cute seeing Joey all excited about his "cooking" experiment and I also have to give Joey kuddos for again doing a fabulous job of grocery shopping for us last night. He has been trying so hard to pick up as much slack as he can around the house for me since I am also juggling a full time job and I am really thankful to him for that! Love you baby!

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  1. Let's see...where do i begin? Jess did a great job on your hair. Daisy seriously is adorable...Almost as adorable as Emily. ;-) But you wouldn't know because I haven't done a post in forever. :-( I'm glad Daisy is getting into a semi predictable routine...def. makes things easier. and major kuddos to joey...but then again that's why you married him, right? :-)


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