Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun Toys and Jammy Feet

This toy is great because it's so easy to grab and hold, light and also soft so when babies bounce it off of their face it causes no harm:) Perfect for feisty Daisy!
Joey surprised me with beautiful yellow roses on our date night this past Friday. He really is such an amazing guy. Every day I love him more if that is even possible:)
Caught Daisy sucking on her thumb in her crib after nap time. I really don't want Daisy to be a thumb sucker simply because of the long term challenges but, boy she looked cute:)
Her morning naptime on the couch every morning. Daisy wakes up around 5:30 AM each morning for good (if I'm lucky) but, after I feed her I can usually put her back to sleep in her swing for a little bit and then she conks out even longer on the couch which is fabulous. I'm guessing she will outgrow this little routine soon but, it's been a life savor for me up to this point.
Have I mentnioned how much I adore my little girl in jammies that have animals on the feet? She has several pairs of such jammies, some with bears, dogs, mice, etc. on the feet and I just think it's too stinking cute!! These happen to be Pooh Bear feet:)
Daisy laughed and talked more yesterday than I've ever heard her before. I would love if that is going to be the new norm because it was a crack up! She squealed so loud in excitement at one point that she startled herself which was too cute.

Joey and I had a wonderful sushi dinner date night last night thanks to Grandma Abby who watched Daisy for us. That was the first date we've had without Daisy since our anniversary dinner and boy was it ever overdue. Thanks Grandma for watching Daisy!!

Gotta catch a quick nap while Daisy naps cuz I'm zonked. TTFN:-)


  1. oo my niece loved that ball toy too! Dasiy is just precious in her jammies!

    Way to go and get out for a date night! That is so important!

  2. Wish we were closer - we'd come over and babysit for ya!! She is so adorable and always just looks so peaceful and content :)


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