Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Call to Prayer

Most of you know that Joey and I were inspired to name our daughter Daisy Love after watching one of Pastor Britt Merrick's powerful sermons earlier last year. He is a Pastor located out of Southern California and his adorable daughter Daisy, who is six years old, has been battling cancerous tumors for the past year now. Just two months ago she was cancer free and that was such a huge miracle and relief after all this family and precious little girl have been going through. I just got word today that Daisy again has a grapefruit sized tumor that is inoperable at this point. We are so grieved to hear this news! She is having a biopsy tomorrow morning PCT. Please say a prayer for little Daisy Merrick and if you want to follow their story you can click here - Daisy's Update Page

God is so powerful and He hears our prayers. Please pray for healing for this little girl and ultimately pray that God's will would be done. Thank you!


  1. I've been praying since I first read the news this morning. My heart is so burdened by it and I've been following their journey since you shared the story of Daisy Martinez's name. God can heal, He is mighty to save. Praying steadfastly for them all. Thanks for sharing Casey!

  2. That is really sad. I keep hearing about this on facebook and thought of your little Daisy Love. I will keep her in my prayers.

  3. I will keep Daisy and her family in my prayers.

  4. That's difficult news for any family. My hubby and I will be praying for Daisy and family.


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