Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daisy update

Thanks so much for the feedback guys! I really appreciate you all so very much. xoxo

The pediatrician finally called me back and authorized the use of glycerin suppositories to see if that would help. It kinda made me nervous to try the suppositories on Daisy because they are intended for kids ages 2-6 years of age...and on a 3 month old it just seemed like too much but, I didn't feel like I had another option. Joey's sister was here with me and was so supportive and helped keep me calm today. Thanks Jess!! Literally no more than one or two minutes after giving Daisy the suppository she was exploding for a good few minutes and I could tell it was upsetting her tummy because she was very serious and making a weird inhaling noise the whole time which freaked me out. Literally after pooping everything in her system out in a couple of minutes, we had one heck of a full diaper and one super duper exhausted baby girl. She conked out almost immediately in my arms. I know that babies that are nursed can go a few days without pooping but, as mamas we also know our babies potty routines and we know when they are in pain so that is the only reason I know this is constipation. She was screaming in pain but, still trying to smile at us...oh my gosh, this mommy thing is taking my heart on a whole new roller coaster and I know it never ends:). I called my mommy to get some advice today and I think I took her heart on a roller coaster too. lol. What would we do without our mommies??? Time to go eat a lot of green veggies and drink a lot of water! Hopefully that will also help the little one out.


  1. that would make me SUPER nervous too! So proud of you super-mama for doing such a great job! Daisy is so blessed to have you! I bet she is feeling much better after getting everything out of her system! Hope she stays feeling better in Jesus' name!

  2. So glad it worked out despite having to give her the meds when it was hard to see her have it. You are right though, mommas know best! Hopefully both of you are resting peacefully after an eventful day! I think I used those suppositories on Logan when he didn't poo for days too...they do work! Supermom Casey saves the day again!

  3. by the way, the green vegies may make her more gassy like broccoli and what not unless it hasn't proven so yet! Every baby is effected differently, (not trying to be pushy about it!-sorry if I am!)

  4. Casey we had the same problem. Adam was out of town which is so rare (but something always goes wrong). I was all alone and used the same suppositories and it worked within seconds. Glad Daisy is ok! -Steph, Jacob and Adam


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