Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quick Question

I'm curious as to what you other mamas have done to help your little ones when they are clogged up. My little gal has started having issues with this over the past few days and it's clear that she is in a lot of pain. Our pediatrician has not called me back yet...it's been several hours, so I'm getting kinda desperate to see if anyone has any good suggestions? Are there any over the counter, infant tummy soothers that I can get to help Daisy? It's hurting my heart to know that she is in pain and I so badly want to make her feel better! Any suggestions?


  1. Casey, Brayden struggled A LOT with this. I could write a book on it. Things that helped him were gently pushing his knees into his tummy. I'd do it for a few seconds, then relax, and do it for a few more seconds for 3-5 minutes at a time, it seemed to help relieve some of his pain. We used the gas relief drops but they didnt seem to help much. Part of the problem was the formula Brayden was on (he was on soy because his tummy was having a hard time with regular formula, but soy blocked him up) so our ped. recommended giving him 2 oz of water twice a day, but I would check with your ped before you do that. Also, something that helped was laying Brayden face down on my lap with one of my legs crossed over the other and his tummy over my leg, it helped put pressure on his tummy, and like pushing his legs up, seemed to relieve some pain. Keep us posted on how she's doing! Hope she feels better SOON! Also, ask her pediatrician if there is something you can eat/drink to help her. Maybe you drinking more water would help? I'm not quite sure how that all works ;)!

  2. I think there is an over the counter anti constipation thingy...more like an herbal thing for babies...can't remember off the top of my head. Gripe Water I heard was great, tried it on Austin a few times and worked (for gassy tummies). Plus the anti -gas drops which start with an M...can't remember the name. Also, with her being breastfed there will be times when she won't go poo for days. My ped said that it isn't the amount of poo they go, but the consistency. So if she is pooing hard pebble type stuff, then yeah she is constipated, but if not...then she just doesn't need to go as much! I think around Daisy's age right now, Logan would only poo once a week. YEAH...that scared me, but it is totally normal for breastfed babies. But if it is gas, then maybe something you are eating like green veggies, maybe caffeine, dairy will do it too. Let me know!!! sorry she is uncomfortable...wouldn't it be great if they could talk at this age and tell you what was wrong?!?!

  3. Devan was a breastfed baby (exclusively) and still would only go to the bathroom once every like 4 days.. it started around 2 months.. we always noticed that warm baths helped.. it would help her relax in the bath and calm down and she usually went right after that. and pressing knees against her chest helped two. When she got to be around 12 months and she was having constipation issues (a dairy thing) we used glycerin sopositories.. and we lived by those which totally helped when she was plugged up. Hope she feels better!!!


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