Monday, July 26, 2010

First Pool Day - Yeah!

first family pool picture:) It was a super warm night and the water was nice and warm too. Perfect for a first swim!
Daddy got Daisy dressed in her new bathing suit..that she will probably only be able to wear once before she out grows it. Bummer.
Look at me mom, I'm getting in my bathing suit! :)
We couldn't find Daisy's hat so I stuck one of mine on her and she looked so a little train conductor or something:)
Daddy floating Daisy around the pool.
mama and her baby girl. Daisy pretty much spent the entire pool session in silence while chewing on her fingers. She just checked everyone and everything out quietly and when we got home she was So wiped out even though we'd only been gone about 30 minutes or so! lol

Daisy did absolutely awesome during her first swim. She never made a peep...of excitement or unhappiness. She just took it all in quietly as she often does and chewed on her fingers very seriously. It was super cute to see her little body in the big pool and boy did her diaper ever balloon up. I didn't feel like spending money on a water diaper when she would only wear it once so I took a chance on her wearing a regular diaper and I think it must have weighed over 5 pounds and it eventually exploded by the time we got her out of the pool. There is some weird stuff inside a diaper! lol. Daisy, I can tell that you are going to be a little fish someday:). Thanks mom for taking these pictures for us!


  1. What a cutie! LOVE the bathing suit...such a sweet girl! She was so serious which is hilarious..that last pic with that furrowed brow is great! Love the family shots! (you are a hottie Casey!)

  2. What a special time to have your family's first swim together! Very cute bathing suit, too bad Daisy can only wear it once. Hopefully you can maybe squeeze in another swim time? They grow so fast, I know when my Sweetie was little there were 1-2 outfits she never got around to wearing! You all look great! So sweet and peaceful, enjoying the water. Have a lovely Monday night, Casey :)

  3. By the way Casey, you look hot in that bathing suit. Oh if only I could wear a bikini...yeah right! And Daisy looks cute too, obviously :-)

  4. Casey, I don't think you really had a baby 4 months ago. You were probably just wearing one of those fake pregnant bellies during your whole "pregnancy". ;-) You look great and as usual, Daisy is super adorable.

  5. Love the face on Daisy in the last pic! So cute! I agree with these ladies, you look great!!!!


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