Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Little Angel

Grandpa Hart spoiled Daisy by sending her a super cute Angels outfit complete with bib and booties. My Dad is a big Angels fan and being that I grew up in Southern California I'm a fan of the Angels too....though I have to be honest if I had to choose...I lean more towards the boys in blue...sorry Daddy!! Regardless, the outfit was darling and as you can tell, Daisy liked it too:) Thanks Grandpa! xoxo
Flying with Grandma Lulu

Just hanging out in her diaper. She was making so many funny faces while I took her picture!

Bath time is quite messy now. Water gets kicked all over the counter and floor and now Daisy grabs the wash cloth away from me. It's a crack up!

Play time with mommy
Can you tell that we adore her?
Say Cheese!

She loves giving me slobber "kisses" now:)
Catch up will continue for a few days so bear with me:) Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend! Today was a day of touch up painting, running errands and trying to relax. Joey grilled the most amazing chicken for dinner tonight. He really has become the master griller! Night Night.


  1. I'm loving all the pictures. Daisy is just precious!

  2. Love the picture of Daisy's face in the tub. "Mommmmmm. Stop taking pictures and get me out of the water please."

  3. She is just too cute for words! She truly has the cutest facial expressions. I love her mouth, it's so cute!! I hope I get to meet her one day! All of your post are awesome (I am caught up now). Love the new family ones! So glad you got to have your mom come out! I bet she wants to move there now! It's always so hard to see that bond between baby and grandparent and then they have to go back home(far away). Stinks! I know I always say it, but gee whiz I love Daisy! And you:)!

  4. What an adorable little girls!! She is just so precious! I found you through Mom Bloggers Club- & I'm so glad I did... what a sweet family!


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