Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Sweet 16 Anna Banana

Top: me and Anna in 2008 visiting Old Salem, NC Below: (left to right) Anna, me and our other sister Becca visiting Wrightsville Beach in NC the summer of 2008

Anna is my youngest sister and is also the last one in the house with my parents. She is a junior in high school this year and it just blows me away that the baby of the family is not a baby anymore. When Anna was younger everyone used to say that she and I look exactly alike. We don't get that comparison quite as much anymore but, there are definitely some similarities between us...after all, we are sisters:).

Some funny facts about Anna:

*When she was little she used to love it when I would be the voice of our household pets. Have any of you seen Homeward Bound? Anna has always been such an animal lover and I think that is why she got such a kick out of me talking for our pets. I could always get a good laugh out of Anna that way!

*When Anna was really little..say around 3 or so and I would babysit her I would always ask her to put on socks or a sweater before playing outside (because it was cold!) and she would throw a big fit with me every time. I had to find ways to bribe her to put her socks or sweater on by telling her that mom might get mad or that they were really cute and I wanted to get a picture in order for her to finally do what I asked. To this day Anna seems to run a little warmer than the rest of us and seldom dresses as warm as I would think she might need to. hehe

*I'm pretty sure that it was Anna that used to chew on the crib rail..I get Anna and Becca's baby years confused sometimes. In the early morning hours on school days I remember Anna sticking her little baby teeth under the plastic rail protector and making a loud clicking noise as the plastic smacked against the rail of the crib. This was when she had learned to pull herself up in her crib and she would stand there humming and making noises until I or someone else woke up and got her out of bed. I just remember her cute little baby face staring at me when I woke up. That cute little face still makes me smile today:)

I really could go on and on but, I will leave it at this and ask that you leave my dear sister some blog love by wishing her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today in the comments below. She is an amazing gal and I'm so proud of the young woman that she has become. I LOVE YOU ANNA BANANA!!!


  1. I DID love it when you talked for our animals! I still remember laughing at it to this day! Goodness, Casey, I'm so honored to have a whole spot in your blog to myself. I love you so much and I can't wait to come out there and celabrate it with you all over again. =)
    -Birthday girl.

  2. Happy Birthday Anna!!! I hope it's a wonderful birthday.

  3. Anna Happy Belated Birthday!!! I hope you got to make many memories to remember for years of this 16th birthday. I have to say when that movie came out we watched it lots. Our other favorite animal talking movies are Dr. Doolittle.. Hope you had a very special day... Love Shawnee and Family


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