Friday, July 2, 2010

Sharing Some Blog Love

Today was one of those days that felt like a Monday but, thankfully it had the happy ending of being a Friday. I had a super crazy work day, Daisy was very unhappy and in pain due to being a clogged up (to put it nicely), and I don't know why but, I was far more tired than usual today. Before I wrapped up my day I stopped by Tricia's blog The Planet Pink and to my surprise and delight I found that she had passed a little blog award my way! It really did make my day. Tricia and I found each others blogs through a mom's blogging network site and I have really enjoyed reading her candid thoughts on parenting and life in general. She is a very inspiring mama.

This sweet award comes with a few requests: #1 -Share 3 things I love about myself...yah it sounds a little awkward to me too but, it's good for the soul to think about such things from time to time:) hehe

1. I love having a relationship with the Lord! He has given me the strength to overcome the obstacles in my life and to live with an attitude of gratitude. I'm so grateful that I know Him!

2. (Not trying to steal Tricia's #2 lol but...) I love my hard working hubby. We had ten years alone together before our baby girl came into the picture and it has definitely been an adjustment. The hubs has gone above and beyond the call of duty and always tries to live by his favorite quote "Happy wife, happy life." He is such a blessing in my life!

3. I love that the older I get the more content I am with who I am. Sure aging has some downsides but, all in all I enjoy caring less about what doesn't matter and caring more about what really does.

Rule #2: Share a current favorite picture - I'll be honest, I post my favorite pictures almost on a daily basis so there wasn't much left to choose from. lol This one was taken yesterday while Daisy sat (with assistance) in the entryway of our house. She was zoned out and so relaxed. I just love the peaceful look on her chubby little face.

\ And lastly to pass this award on to five fellow bloggers: I was most looking forward to this part because it's so fun to share blog love:)!
1. Too Much of a Good Thing
2. The Mom Standard
3. Barely Mommy
4. Ramblings From CaliLand
5. Nitty Gritty

You should definitely visit these mama's blogs and say hello:) Well, that's all for now. I'm super sleepy so off to bed I go. Hopefully the little munchkin will sleep a solid six hours before waking up tonight. We shall see....:) HAPPY THREE DAY, 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND!!

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  1. thanks for the shout out!!! loooooove that picture!


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