Monday, July 5, 2010

Favorites - 13 Weeks

Daisy fills mine and Joey's hearts with so much joy!! She is an absolute blast and with every passing day she seems to grow a little more and tackle something new. I often think about what a mighty miracle a child is and what is even more special to me is that God chose Daisy to be mine and Joey's first child. Daisy was carved out of time to be here with us and I am so grateful that the Lord brought her into our lives. As I type my little one is waking up from her nap and these days she wakes up in a much better mood and is all smiles when we lean over the rail of her crib and talk quietly to her as she stretches out:). Daddy just went and got his mini-me out of bed and now they are sitting beside me on the couch while she sucks on her fist and makes faces at Daddy. Is there anything better than this? People search the whole world to find happiness, love and excitement...but, this is it. It's all right here:-) Much love. xoxo


  1. Ah, so sweet! Enjoy these moments - the big and the small ones. They are so fleeting.

  2. Aww...these pics are beautiful! Capture so much love and joy in your family, what an awesome gift from God!

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    Have a blessed day!

  4. i can't believe she fits into a 6 month outfit!!! and she looks super cute!


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