Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bet You Didn't Know

Bet You Didn't Know:

-Casey's Turn -

- I have never cared for foods with a uh, smooth textures I guess?? I don't mind yogurt if I add granola or nuts but, by itself. bleh!
Ice Cream - Except for on a rare occasion when Ben and Jerry's calls my name (probably a texture thing again) I've got to be the only girl on the planet that doesn't need to eat ice cream right?
Onions - Hate them raw but, I can tolerate them
Horror Movies - I am a chicken and scary movies give me bad dreams and also require me to sleep with my light on for a week until I get over them. Not worth it!
Super spicy Food - I get sweaty and end up with a tummy ache but, I do love a good mild salsa!
Maple syrup and pancakes - Never have been a fan, though I can get it down if I'm uber hungry. I DO however love maple frosted donuts and maple candies. Go figure!
Country music - Sorry....I continue to try and adapt for the sake of my husband who loves country as does his entire family but, plain and simple the twang is just not my thang.
Pastel pink shirts - never have looked good on me
High heels - I am almost 5' 9". I don't enjoy bringing extra attention to my height, though on a special occasion I might wear a small heel. WooHoo!
Taking baths - I don't have the patience to sit and relax in a tub and if I were to sit and relax I would much rather snuggle on the couch in my jammies and watch a good show or movie. Horrible, I know.
Cooking- You probably already to know that I have no interest in cooking whatsoever. It feels like I'm working a second shift after my already super long work day. I just don't like it at all.
Crying - I almost never cry. It's not that I'm cold and heartless, just that I don't like the way crying makes me feel.

-Joey's Turn-

Olives - hates them (I think they are delicious and eat them like candy!!)
Rap and R&B - He's never been a big fan
Barney - freaks Joey out
crying - Joey cries during movies and can be such a cute softie so I guess he makes up for where I lack:-)
spicy food fanatic - He devours anything spicy...cheetos, top ramen, salsa, cheezits, etc.
fishing - would become a professional fisherman if he could
Reading - He finds it boring and tedious
Shopping - He'd let me shop all day every day so long as I never drag him along. He hates it!
pointy toed heels - Fortunately for Joey I almost never bother wearing heels but, if I were to, he has made it clear that he is not a fan of super pointy toed heels
cooked fish - He loves sushi with a passion but, cooked fish has never been a big hit with Joey. I on the other hand could eat cooked salmon all day everyday!


  1. Casey, you're so weird. I mean seriously, you don't like maple syrup and pancakes!?! FREAK!!!!!! ;-)

  2. A few things I agree with and a few things I don't - guess that's what makes the world go 'round! ;) Oh and I really disagree on the pancakes (minus the maple syrup which I dislike) and the ice cream...


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