Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wrap Up

I just loved Daisy's happy face in this picture above and below: Mama and Daisy watching Veggie Tales while we wait for dinner to finish up. I'm a big Veggie Tales fan and Daisy loves all the bright colors and fun songs.
My little punkin' head
Talking to Tiki on her play mat. Lately she has grown very bored of her play mat and anything that requires her to lay on her back. I can tell that she is dying to be able to sit up and play with different things. Soon enough Daisy girl...soon enough.
We have to really watch Daisy now because she spins in her sleep. She was completely against the inside of the couch and then next thing I know she had rotated in her sleep to the point that she was hanging off the couch. Now we lay a bunch of pillows on the floor so she will never fall far...no worries:)
Grandma Lulu and Daisy having some fun with the camera. Daisy was having fun pulling my mom's hair.

Daisy and one of her most favorite toys - George...we think he's a monkey but, we aren't sure. lol
Does she seem freaked out?? This picture cracks me up. Maybe George was a little too close for comfort. lol
just after getting out of the pool. Relaxing outside in the warm night air.
Daddy and Daisy- Joey is SO in love with his baby girl!
Twin day! Nanny, and sister Jess. I couldn't help but, change into my dress when I saw that Jess had worn hers. We just happen to have the same one. Random.
Grandma Lulu, Mama and baby. Pool day finale picture.
K, I think I am officially caught up on the pictures taken during my mom's week long visit! Yeah! I just put Daisy down for bed and I am heading to bed myself. It's been a long day but in other news, my little sister Anna is flying in to visit with us for a week. She gets in super early tomorrow morning and then she will get to meet Daisy for the first time! This is a big trip for Anna because she has never flown anywhere by herself, after all, she is only 16. I'm proud of her for being so brave! The hubs is watching American Chopper (one of our favorite shows to watch together) and I'm dreaming of Friday already. Sigh. Three more days....chugga, chugga, choo, choo!!


  1. ok...put Daisy in a magazine already! She is too adorable...i love those chunky legs and sweet smiley face. What a great combo she is of the both of you! Veggie tales are great...for some reason Logan is afraid of the giant pickle...:-) So glad you have more family coming out, so wonderful! Keep the pictures coming, it never gets old my dear!

  2. I know I don't post comments very often but I do so love your blog Case! Especially when I'm part of it! teehee! I love when I can say, "I took that picture!" Boy do I miss you all! I'm homesick for NC and I don't even live there! Hope you get lots of good shots of "Auntie Anna" and her niece:) Love, Marme

  3. Daisy is so sweet! She's grown so much, just in these last few weeks. It's neat that you can tell she wants to sit up more than laying on her back. Boy do they grow fast! I love seeing your pictures - they remind me of when my not-so-little ones were little. Veggie Tales was a favorite in our house too, we have more of the earlier videos like Madame Blueberry. Such great lessons w/ cute colors & characters! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. Daisy is beautiful as always. And I would agree with you guys that George is a monkey.

  5. I love when you share pictures. Daisy is just so precious! Keep 'em coming :)

  6. I love that picture of your mom holding the camera above her and Daisy, really cool!


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