Friday, July 30, 2010

Flash Back Friday - Undeserving

I Do Not Deserve His Love

I do not deserve
To catch a glimpse of His face
Let alone be in the company of angels.
For when I observe the magnificent skies,
The angry storms and their displays of power
When I stare at the vast seas
That stretch beyond my imagination
And still in the presence of these
I wrestle with my daily uncertainties.
Not doubting God's existence,
But struggling to fully fall at His feet
To truly grasp the depths of His love.
So much evidence before me,
Yet I offer Him so little.
Indeed I am nothing
But that which he has made in me.
And though I am ashamed of my gifts,
He lifts up my face and shines upon me.

I wrote this poem several years ago but, it is still one of my favorites today. I am in awe of how patient, merciful, loving and forgiving our God is. I am such a screw up and I seem to blow it daily even when I really am trying to be faithful and obedient to His word. I'm in awe of how much nature speaks of our creator, how much life speaks of our creator and how much love speaks of our creator and I am ashamed that I could ever have doubts. I have learned though, that doubts are a part of life and faith at times and that we can even grow much stronger in our faith by evaluating our doubts and pursuing the Lord in the process. It's a beautiful thing! I'm so thankful that God still "shines" on me as scripture says even though I don't deserve it. There is no love on this planet as deep as the love that God offers His kids. That's some pretty crazy, awesome, deep love! I hope you feel God shining on you today!


  1. Well then sister...way to blow all of my attempts at poetry out of the water. =) I love it.

  2. wow! That is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing! I left you an award on my blog. Happy Saturday! ~Kimberly

  3. Beautiful Poem! You are correct in it being ok to have doubts. Its ok to ask tough questions. When my dad died I made sure to let the big Guy-in-the-sky know I was TO'd at him. He kept quiet and gave me some space but kept smiling down on me! I couldn't stay mad too long (in God time of course, human time it was a while! LOL)

  4. LOVE your poem! It's so beautiful. Love how you share the reality of struggling in life - with doubt, uncertainties - yet the Lord shines on us somehow in our imperfection.

  5. Very talented Casey dear. Thanks for sharing:)!


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