Saturday, July 31, 2010

Four Months Old Today

Today miss Daisy is 4 months old! I can't believe how fast these past months have gone by and I am constantly amazed at how quickly babies learn new things and grow. This parenting journey has been the most wonderful experience imaginable. This little girl fills our hearts with so much joy, gives us so many laughs and smiles and has us both wrapped around her finger:).

What does she enjoy these days?

Loves stroller walks around the neighborhood
Seems to really like the swimming pool for about 20 minutes or so before she fizzles out
Loves being held in a sit up position while she looks at herself in her mirror or on the living room floor by her play mat
Is enjoying being held A LOT more now
LOVES being outside!!
Is happiest after eating, napping and going potty. hahaha
Is fascinated by everything that people around her are holding. She has tried to grab cups, mugs, plates, forks, papers, candy etc. out of my hands to chew on. She stares at us when we are eating...I think she is going to be ready to be eating solid food here pretty soon
She likes to chew on my face now and roughly grab and my hair. She's a crack up!

She doesn't like laying on her back nearly as much anymore which is a bummer....I can just tell that she is going to be a super active kid in no time! lol.

Daisy my dear, we love you to pieces! You are beautiful and perfect in every way:-) Happy 4 month Birthday Baby!! xoxo

**Thank you Bruce and Judy for the darling outfit!!


  1. Cute Cute pictures she is sooo soo happy!

    Happy 4 months little one!

  2. Loving the pictures of her in the green basket! Hey, funny story how I linked to this girl's blog today from a post in another blog I read and she had you listed as friend! Small world :-)

  3. Happy 4 month birthday! What a sweet babe! You've done well mama!

  4. Love the pictures. She is so cute!!!

  5. Oh my goodness I have the cutest granddaughter in the whole world!!!!! And you are a great photographer Case!!!! love marme

  6. I love the outfit and how perfect for Daisy:). Oh, Casey, she is too stinkin' cute. Every time I look at your blog Cooper is sleeping. And every time I look at Daisy, I want to go wake Cooper up! You are one dedicated blogger! I love seeing new pictures, so thanks:)!

  7. what precious pictures! Beautiful little girl in a green basket there! :) I am inspired to put my kids in baskets and take some pictures... I will let you know how that turns out! Looking forward to talking again soon!

  8. 4 MONTHS?!?! Where did the time go? I always tried to picture what your little girl would look like (always beautiful) but she just blows me away with her cuteness and perfection! What a doll you guys have! Nice creative shots casey...the colors are awesome! Let me know when you try rice cereal?!?!

  9. ADORABLE!!!!

    and i love the blog layout and stuff at the top-how did you do it?!?!

  10. I love the outfit, but I almost didn't notice it because I was too busy starring at Daisy's beautiful little face. ;-) You should try sitting her up in her boppy pillow...that's what helped both my girls when they were in that in-between stage...or a bumbo if you have one.


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