Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good Friends

I have wanted to share the blog of our good friends on here for quite some time and finally I am getting around to doing it. I got the Francis Chan video I posted a while back off of their blog and my husband and I have always been so inspired and blessed by our friendship with this family. They have begun the long process of adopting a child from Ethiopia! We are so excited that they are answering the call that the Lord has put on their hearts and we are very much looking forward to the day that they get to bring their little one home. As a lot of you probably know, adoption can be a pretty daunting process to step into. Please keep this family in your prayers if you think of them that the Lord would guide their steps, provide for them, protect their child that they are waiting for and bless their home with peace and joy. I also want to mention that they have a couple of awesome fundraisers listed on their blog that you can support them through. They have delicious coffee and lovely Tupperware goods that you can buy and part of the proceeds will go towards supporting their adoption! I would like to add that they have not asked me to promote them or mention them but, my hubby and I love them and their family so much and we would love to help them in any way possible. Stop by and visit their blog sometime at God's Journey for Our Family pass along some encouragement or just say hello:).

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