Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eating Solids - 19 weeks old today!

Love my pumpkin head baby girl:)
Daisy didn't love or hate her first cereal experience. We gave her super tiny bites and she was very serious the entire time but, she did swallow and ate several spoon fulls before she started losing interest and then spit up pretty bad. Day two was last night and she did much better. She seemed to really enjoy her cereal and even hummed as she waited for her next bite. I think Daisy is going to love eating solids!
Please trust me when I say that Daisy did not get a drop of soda on her tongue and I will not let her drink soda for a long time either. I just thought this would be a fun photo op and she enjoyed chewing on the bottle so it was fun for both of us:)
I hope this picture is not "inappropriate" for the web...I actually ADORE this picture. I had just finished changing Daisy's diaper last week and she just grabbed her foot and stuck her toe in her mouth for the first time. We were cracking up and I was lucky that she continued to nibble on her toe long enough for me to capture it on camera. Quite a flexible, chunky baby wouldn't you say? haha
I can't believe that Daisy is 19 weeks old today! It just blows me away that another week has come and gone. Daisy has been picking up on things so quickly these days. She is a super observant baby and loves to study people and make serious faces at them. She also loves to shriek when she is excited and last night she shrieked super duper loud with happiness in the grocery store and everyone turned and smiled at us. It was pretty cute:). Daisy found her feet last week and since then she has them in her hands at every chance she gets. she likes to roll onto her side while she is holding her feet and it is clear that she wants to master rolling over now but, for whatever reason she has forgotten how.

In response to the cry it out thing, I've decided to wait until Daisy is closer to 6 months before I put that possibility into full gear based on the feedback I received and based on my heart simply not being ready for that yet. In the meantime I have decided to work on her sleep processes in other ways. I've been cutting back on her little 3 minute arm rocking sessions before naps and bedtime. To be honest I am going to miss this little cuddle time dearly and it's a struggle for me to give it up so soon...what would you do? Anyways, my hope is that if I teach Daisy how to go to sleep without needing to be rocked at all that she might become a stronger sleeper on her own. I am pleased to share that we are making a little progress! I wait until she is good and tired and then lay her down with a blanket, I kiss her goodnight and stroke her cheek and then she will often fuss for a minute or two and I sometimes have to give her the pacifier back but, then she usually falls asleep within a few minutes without any major melt downs. This is still a very new process so we have good days and bad. At this point Daisy does not like anyone else putting her to bed besides me and when she is over tired she has full blown melt downs with other people. Have any of you ever had this issue with your babies? I mean...she really, really does not like going to sleep for anyone else and this has been a real challenge for me, for her and for the people who watch her for me. I'm hoping that if she learns to go to sleep on her own in her crib that she will be able to do that for anyone?? I hope...

I'm in the process of wrapping up my search for our next nanny. Jess's last day is this Friday so our potential nanny starts on a trial basis this upcoming Monday. I found her on a nanny service site and I pray that she and Daisy do well together!

Happy 19 week birthday my darling Daisy Love!! You are my sunshine little one:)

Lastly, but most certainly not hard working hubby got a raise/promotion! He has been working so hard and we have been praying about him getting a raise for a while now and God has faithfully provided. I am so grateful that Joey has the job that he does. He works with great people, is appreciated and he is good at what he does. I know jobs in general are hard to come by these days and I'm just so thankful that Joey not only has a job but, has a good, steady job in a great company. Way to go babe! I'm so proud of you! xoxo


  1. Casey and Joe!!! That is so awesome! Congrats over and over! you have been so faithful and so patient. God blesses you guys tremendously and you definitely deserve it! Casey that means you can pursue your photography and quite your job right? Maybe someday huh? Seriously that is so awesome and the nakey pic of Daisy is priceless and makes me smile
    :=) she is adorable! Love it all! So awesome!!!

  2. Beautiful pics! As always :)
    Casey, have you thought about rocking her as long as you used to (just not letting her go to sleep) while reading a book? Just a thought! It's fun bonding time, keeps them awake, and gives them a routine others can do with her too :) I'm almost always the one who puts them to sleep, but they've always been good about going to sleep with other people as long as they follow the same routine we do :)

  3. Congratulations and way to go Joe! Way overdue and way earned! Like Elissa said, you guys have been so faithful and so patient and its so awesome to see you rewarded for it! LOVE all the cute pics of Daisy, I just want to eat her up!!!! She is so beautiful and chunky, and we all know I am a sucker for chunky little babies!! LOVE it! And LVOE seeing you in the pictures Momma! P.S. Loved hearing your beautiful voice the other day! We'll have to have another quick chat soon!

  4. It's so hard to know what to do, when you're desperate for good sleeping habits. I hate that you feel like you have to give up on a special bonding time in an effort to get her to sleep better. I like the suggestion above of maybe rocking her like normal but reading as well. Another option would be to do the rocking/cuddling in another room of the house and then entering her room right before laying her down. Of course, that doesn't take less time or relieve you of bedtime duties at all, but it would somewhat disassociate the rocking/cuddling with sleeping, maybe possibly opening the door to allow someone else to actually lay her down for you. Just a thought. Keep it up mama, you're doing great!

  5. Okay, first off, Great Job Joey!!! Second, I can not wait to hold beautiful Daisy!! And third, don't cut out the rocking time. Seriously, before you know it, she isn't going to want to be rocked and you need to savor this time. I know the season you are in with Daisy seems sooooo looooong, but once you're out of it and into another, you will look back and miss that time with her. I do agree with not rocking her until she falls asleep, but rock with her, and once it looks like she is ready to fall asleep, then lay her down. So there it is, my three cents. :-)

  6. I had this problem with Devan. My husband is a fireman and his shifts are 24 hours long. But overtime comes around and his shifts can be anywhere from 48 hours -96 hours.. so Devan was VERY used to me putting her to sleep. It finally go to the point (around 15 months) that I would nurse her then leave my house and have her daddy put her to sleep. It was torture for me but If I ever wanted this to change I had to go.. and TC couldn't call me until she was asleep- and it worked!! ANd now being 2 1/2 who falls asleep on her own with no help .. is a great sleeper.

    And Just to let you know.. Devan was not a good sleeper either- it was awful. And I could never do the cry it out because I am a weenie and figured she is only little for so long that I will hold her for as long as I can because one day I won't.. Crazy i know.. but she is an awesome sleeper now- so there is hope no matter how you manage to help her sleep.

    Hope this helps.. and congrats to your hubby that's awesome!!!!

    And Daisy is ADORABLE!!!!!!


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