Sunday, August 22, 2010

Roll Baby Roll

Daisy rolled over quite a while ago...a couple months ago in fact, only a handful of times though and since then she has not rolled over once. I saw on someones blog a while back that their 5 day old baby was already rolling over from his tummy to his back so obviously, this happens at all different stages depending on the baby. Daisy simply likes to take her time with things evidently. LOL. This week something just clicked and Daisy remembered how to roll and now we can't keep her on her tummy for long at all. We still have to reteach her how to roll from her back to her tummy. I know you all have seen babies roll a gazillion times before but, this is truly Daisy's first day of rolling repeatedly and I know all our family is eager to see her in action.

I love that as parents we get sooooooooo excited for our babies when they accomplish little things for the firs time and more than that, I love the look on a baby's face after they do one of these things and you can tell that they are trying to piece together why their parent is clapping their hands, squealing with joy and staring at them like they are a superstar. It's awesome!


  1. I think we can't help it when we get super excited for them. It just comes out really loud and really high pitched. You had control in this video compared to me.
    You should have seen Kingstons roll over video oh man he looked at me like I was a crazy person!!

    She is getting so big!!

  2. I agree, it's awesome when we as parents cheer our kids on no matter how small a thing they accomplish. Daisy's blessed to have parents like you and Joey! She's so cute in that video, love how she gently rolls over and then looked at you. So precious! Makes me want to look at our past videos :)

  3. That is wonderful!! And Joey has her obeying commands just like Dakota! hehe! What an adorable cutie pie granddaughter I have!! Love you guys to pieces! marmee

  4. Each milestone is so amazing no mater how many kids you have. :-) GREAT JOB DAISY!!! And in the video, you can really see how big she is getting. I just love the baby chunk. :-)

  5. I LOVE the videos you post! She is seriously a doll! Before you know it she'll be rolling all over the house!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS, my neice is a super-genius baby! No other baby can pull off a roll as cute as that one!


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