Wednesday, August 25, 2010

With More Free Time...Or Better Use of Time

My sleepy baby hanging out on her play mat whilst (lol) she sits in her bumbo seat
Sorry, I couldn't help it. Rarely does Daisy fall asleep in my arms so I just had to snap a picture of her gaping mouth and zonked out face. Love it. Below: Daisy's first time sitting in her high chair to eat instead of her bouncer. She's such a big girl now!
Thought I'd privy you to a little Martinez family time video. Welcome to our world...hubby doing yard work out back, finding black widows, baby playing and getting bored, mommy running out of ideas to keep her little girl preoccupied. Ah yes, this is the life:-)

I get about 40 minutes of down time each day shortly after I get off work when my daughter is taking her last nap of the day. Sometimes I spend this 40 minutes running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to accomplish a little of all of the things I want to get done: dusting, laundry, dishes, dinner, paying bills, vacuuming (nope, not when the baby is sleeping), cleaning the bathroom or more pleasurable things such as working on my photography challenges, watching a quick show in peace and quiet on the couch, or taking a 20 minute cat nap! Do you ever wish you had just a little more free time to get things done or do you need to learn to make better use of your time like me (or both:)? What would you want to do with that time if you had it? Last night the errand we needed to tackle was grocery shopping. Since we both work full time we try to shop together just to make life more bearable for both of us... or just more fair. We went to our current favorite store, Trader Joe's, Yum! I decided that since I don't have enough free time that I would have to multitask so I lugged my huge camera bag on my shoulder while pushing my daughter in her stroller and grabbing groceries with my other free hand. The store was packed and people were swarming all the aisles. I began to feel a trickle of perspiration dripping down my forehead. How ever would I find a place to snap a few pictures with all these people staring at me, with my daughter fussing in her stroller, with an enormous grocery list needing to be tackled?? Ahhhhhhhhhh. I waited until we were almost done grocery shopping and then I just said to myself, "yah know what, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do," and I pulled out my camera and began taking pictures of various things in the aisle ( for a photo challenge...I'm not a weirdo with a camera in the grocery store!) while also trying to keep the little one distracted and entertained. I couldn't seem to get the picture I wanted and I was getting frustrated, which only makes me more bold. Love how that works:). Finally with all my built up energy I began marching around the store and taking pictures of whatever I felt like with full confidence and fully embraced my photo challenge. Success! I got the grocery shopping done with the hubs, kept my baby from having a melt down in the store and got the picture I was hoping for. Now, that was making good use of my time. hehe


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