Monday, August 9, 2010

Painting Drama

My mom had the truly great idea of putting tons of swatches on the wall. We would stare at them on the green kitchen wall for a long time and observe the way the light hit them and them move them next to the peach color in the dining room and do the same thing. We put the swatches next to our furniture and against different pieces of wood all to be SURE that I picked the right color this time.....yes, this would be the third time I've made my hubby repaint our entire living area of our house with me..probably about 1000 square feet of painting or in hours...almost 30!! We all hate painting but, I just can't settle with a color that I can't stand so I have been determined to keep trying until I get it right and FINALLY...I have!!! Below: These were the finalists and I spent the entire evening stressing about this decision...literally stressing big time which really isn't like me...but, when I was about to put my mom and my husband through 3 days of painting I knew my decision had to be final. I ended up praying about it when I went to bed and asked God to help me make a decision that I would be happy with. He did! :) hehe The colors below don't do things any justice but, I went with the right side sqaure and we like to call the color Casey's coffee because it looks like my coffee with a ton a creamer...the way I prefer it:). It is soothing, yet warm, soft, yet cozy. I absolutely LOVE it and have never felt that way about any of the other colors we have painted in our house. The original strong gold/yellow color never came out the way I envisioned. It was supposed to be a nice warm gold and I even painted a nice stripe of it on our walls first to get a feel for it and it looked okay as a small stripe on a white wall. Can I just say that it is SO difficult to know how a color will look when you are basing it off of a tiny swatch or a small paint stripe on a huge wall. It always looks totally different when it is staring you in the face all over your house. EEK. So the gold never sat well with me from day one but, I was to chicken to tell the hubs for a while. Then we repainted half of the house a neutral beige that had no feeling or warmth to it at all...see, I thought that was what I needed after having a strong color that I didn't like. I was so confused...what was I doing wrong?? I love decorating but, this color elimination process was wigging me out big time. If I had tons of money I would have just hired someone to repaint for us and then no harm done if I didn't like it but, we don't have that kind of cash floating around...unfortunately:). Anyhoo....stay tuned for a finished look:)! I just have to add a few decorating touches and then I'll share! mom and my hubs hard at work for 3 long days with me. I was also working hard for the record but, we didn't really capture that because I was the one taking pictures:).
Do you like painting? Do you find it easy to pick a color and then be satisfied from the get go or do you, like me, have to try, try again until you get it right?


  1. Glad you found a color you like now!! Yellow's are tricky... You know my dilemma's with color my dear...our bedroom first turned out men's restroom blue...definitely not what I wanted - that didn't last long and like your living room, I'm still not happy with our tv room...but it's all a work in progress. Hey - if we didn't screw up occasionally we wouldn't have anything left to decorate, right?!?

  2. I do love that new color you found! It's neutral enough with some cozy warmth :) Neat how it matches up to your coffee...Hmmm for us, my hubby and I have been trying to decide exactly what colors to redo our bathroom walls - we're thinking one can be a soothing green, another a calm blue - but we didn't get so far as to finalize it.


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