Monday, August 23, 2010

Where's Waldo?

We met up with our dear friends Mike and Elissa and their two boys Logan and Austin this past Saturday. We both drove two hours to see each other and met in a town that is pretty much the half way point for all of us. Mike is very soon to be deployed for 6 months so please keep him in prayer as he has to leave his pregnant wife and two little boys. Pray for his protection and for his wife to have lots of support and help in her hubby's absence and for a healthy pregnancy! We met these awesome folks when we lived out in California just a few months before we got married. Elissa stepped in and literally worked her booty off to help get the church set up nice for our wedding ceremony and we were such new friends at the time. Now we all have kids and have been through so much together and our friendship with this family is so special to Joey and myself. We've celebrated I think 3 or 4 Thanksgivings together (hopefully another this year!) and we love being a part of their kids lives. We'll miss you Mike!

In reference to Waldo...Elissa and I were trying to get some silly pictures together and unbeknonst to us Mike somehow managed to get himself into every picture. We didn't know why my hubby and Mike were laughing so hard and even after I looked at the pictures in my camera viewer I couldn't see Mike as he was so small and blurred....they kept laughing so I looked harder and finally saw the pattern in each picture. Oh my it was a good laugh for all of us;). Did any of you ever check out the Where's Waldo books with your kids or for yourself for fun? I always got a kick out them!

I have more pics from this super, duper hot, humid day with our friends at the park. So worth it to see them though!!


  1. more like...where's the dork:-) those are great pictures despite the crazy man in the background. I love the one with the tongue licking austin...great fun. Thanks so much for meeting us, it is always so refreshing to see you guys and definitely makes think twice about moving down towards you!! Just so you all know who look at this blog...Casey is an amazing woman...I am so blessed to have her in my life for the past 6 years. She is a courageous daughter of God, an incredible mother to an adorable little girl, and someone who knows she will get more phone calls from me once the hubs deploys and is ok with that!

    Love ya Casey!

  2. Wow, what an amazing friendship you both share! I can feel the love through the computer! :)

    The pictures crack me up...and I still have my Where's Waldo book from when I was little!

    God bless you both.
    Big Fat Mama

  3. That's Awesome! Glad you guys were able to get that time together. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

  4. I remember Waldo books! They were fun to look for the little guy in there. I love the photos, even with "Waldo" in there! You and Elissa are still the highlight and you have a beautiful friendship! Did you plan to wear the same color?

  5. So pictures are so great!!! :-) Made me laugh! Glad you were able to spend time with them!!! ~Kimberly


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