Monday, August 16, 2010

Sophie and Silly Dreams

Our neighbor Erin spoiled Daisy with a Sophie teething toy that I had been wanting to get her....they may appear to be nothing special but, I will say that Daisy and millions of other babies absolutely love this giraffe! It is easy to hold, squeaks and is super easy to chomp on unlike a lot of the other hard teethers that make no sense to me. She loves her trendy Sophie. haha
Daisy loved looking up at Joey who was sitting on the stool next to her. It was so cute to see how happy she got whenever he looked down at her. My happy, smiley girl:)
Daisy with her Auntie Anna. I just adored these pictures!

Rocking her awesome City Mini stroller. This thing is great!

I have some catch up to do with lots of pictures now that our computer is up and running again so bear with me. :-) You will most certainly get a nice baby fix by the time I'm done! lol.
My brother is visiting us from California and he is here through Wednesday. It's nice to have family here again:).

I've been trying to put Daisy to bed a little bit earlier the past few nights...around 8:30 instead of 9:30 and I also feed her a good amount of cereal right before I put her to bed, which seems to be holding her over a tad longer at night. She has been sleeping from 8:30-2:30 without waking up which to be honest is a HUGE improvement so we'll see if this continues or if it's a fluke:).

On to silly dreams. Have you ever gotten a silly hair of an idea that seems totally random but, you just can't let it go? I'm okay with the fact that a lot of my silly ideas will only ever be mulled around in my head simply because I do not have the money, time, or energy to bring a lot of these things about to fruition. A lot of the time these things are just fun to dream about and I wouldn't even want to pursue them further. My most recent fixation is that "if" I had lots of money I think it could be highly successful to open a restaurant or cafe in our small downtown. Currently there are no places to eat in our downtown at all and in my opinion the area is just screaming for attention and appeal. I have already envisioned the decor of my little diner; TV,'s for sports, an outdoor patio with plants all around, twinkle lights at night and big colorful umbrellas during the day, music, and fans. I've also pinned down the type of food I'd love to serve..California Mexican style food, (I miss it sooooo much, though I will admit it might not be received well here in fried food country). The ironic thing is that I HATE cooking so obviously I don't envision myself in the kitchen when I think about my little, because I obviously have lots of money if I opened this place so I'll just hire other people to cook and I'll just supervise and reinforce top notch customer service! That's what the actors do when they open a restaurant! lol. That is the beauty of's easy, fun and in my dreams everything works out! Okay, I feel better now. hahaha


  1. I normally get bored looking at other people's baby pics but not here! You have a gorgeous baby and the photos are just precious!!!! What a joy!

    As for the dream? Go for it!!! There has got to be a small business loan or grant somewhere out there for you! I say leave the cooking to someone else and you play hostess! I think it is so awesome when restaraunt owners greet their guests in person!

  2. Aw, thanks Nicki:)! I totally agree with you by the way. We used to visit a restaurant in Mammoth, CA and the hubby and wife who owned it came out and chatted with us each time and we felt so special! I love hosting so hmmmm...

  3. Yay Sophie I am so glad you got one. She is the best toy ever!! Little Daisy is soo damn cute!!

  4. Aw, we have a Sophie too! She is still one of our most beloved toys.

  5. I had no idea that this giraffe was a big deal! I had seen it with other babies, but never heard of it! Sure makes sense that it would be a great chew toy! I guess I have been out of the loop too long! Love the bumbo! I bet it really keeps her happy!


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