Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mommy Blahs

Above: Daisy is fascinated by Dakota now. She loves touching her, staring at her and watching her every move. I think it's great but, I can't leave the two of them alone for a second or else Dakota would lick Daisy's face off and I as much as I love my dog, I think her tongue is stinky and dirty and I don't want it all over my child's face. I love seeing babies and animals interact though. It's so neat how early the bond can begin!
Below: Her shirt says it all, "mommy loves me." Yes, I do...I love her drooly, messy, whiny, perfectly adorable, smiley, serious little face so much!
My bro just left after spending a few days with us. He actually visited us on his way back from some amazing places such as Paris, Amsterdam, Holland, Germany etc. He is a school teacher so he took a month and a half of Summer to travel the world a bit...I'm so jealous but, fortunately he took amazing pictures and documented his trip so we got to enjoy a virtual tour. I want to go there so bad now!
I love my big bro! We are totally opposite in so many ways but, we also have some things in common such as our love for Jesus, the funniest show ever "Top Gear," good food, laughter, blood (haha) and our fun brotherly/sisterly banter. I haven't seen much of my bro in the past several years due to us living on opposite coasts and being so busy. I am so thankful that he visited us and that we got to be stuck in the house together for three days. Truly, it's like we caught up on a lot of lost time plus more importantly than that I'm so glad he got to see Daisy while she is still so small. Miss you bro and love you lots!! This picture below is for you mom and I'm sure Ryan would rather that I not post it on my blog but, I will use the excuse that this is Daisy's baby book and the more pictures I post of him here the more she will see him when I get it printed up someday:). hehe

Anyways, in regards to mommy blahs....I woke up this morning and it was just one of those mornings and I'm sure you ALL can relate. I had to put on 4 shirts before I found one that didn't have a stain or defect, my hair desperately needs to be colored, my face is breaking out like a high school teenager on a really bad day, I broke my toe nail in half somehow simply by getting it caught on my sweats last night...uh, ouch and uh ugly toe nail now, I haven't had time to cover my exhausted dark eye circles and my shoulder has been hurting for a few weeks now prompting me to feel older than I should and well...I just feel BLAH.

I will admit that on days like these a good bible study or time in prayer with the Lord often refocuses my heart and my outlook and gives me the boost I need to overcome the blahs...have I done it yet, no. Why? Because I'm tired, lazy, blogging, lazy, blah, lazy and have I said lazy yet. Yes, laziness is often the reason why I slack in my quality time with the Lord and I am the one who suffers from this the most because my spiritual tank gets super dry and my mind gets inward focused instead of "heavenly focused." Plus there are plenty of other things that can distract me from this such as, hmmm, I'll get my hair or nails done today, I'll go shopping and buy a new shirt to cheer myself up, I'll put a ton of makeup on and feel pretty for the first time in lots of months, I'll watch a mind numbing drama on TV, talk to a friend for hours on the phone, or perhaps I will just wallow in this mood all day because I' guessed it, feeling lazy:-). For the record, I am feeling much better and this mood was super short lived thank God..but, nonetheless I know as moms we often have these blah days because we usually put ourselves last after the countless errands, chores, children tending tasks and wifely duties. So, my question for all you ladies is this: what things help you to overcome your mommy blahs?


  1. For me it's a nice hot bath or a good cup of coffee with whip cream while the kids have quiet time in their rooms and other days I just have a good cry. Talk to Jesus, talk to hubby and fall into bed after taking a Tylenol PM =)
    In fact last night I was having one of those moments. It was too late for a bath or coffee, hubby was exhausted and already a sleep, so I prayed (because if I didn't pray I would have thrown a pillow at my dear hubby) I was just emotionally out of it. I'm all better now (thank the Lord) I just need a good nights rest, oh wait, I had two kid wake me up in the middle of the night. One slept between my legs while the other made his way to the floor ;)

  2. I forgot to write that I read somewhere that if you have one or two dogs your child is less likely to have certain allergies. I thought that was neat. Another thing I read many moons ago, take your children outside as much as possible. This helps too.
    Glad to know you're doing better =)

  3. I'm afraid I don't have any way of getting over them :( Just keep moving, keep taking care of the kids, Jess, and the company. I look forward to nap time, although that's when I clean. LoL! Life of a mom :) I figure, I only have six years left. Then all our kids (plus the next one) will be in school and I will have a little alone time to shower (without an audience!!!!)

  4. My suggestion is to go on a girls' night out with a friend or two or if you can a date night with your husband. I don't get to do this very often, but when I go out with a friend, or my husband I feel refreshed! It's great to get out and have some adult conversation!!
    Big Fat Mama

  5. I have been a Christian most of my life (I wouldn't know it by my sailor mouth). I have NEVER read The Bible and that started to bother me. If nothing else, I can't stand when people quote the Good Book to me and I have nothing to throw back. (I find that many MISquote it and wouldn't it be really Christian of me if I would read it so I can point out to them that they are wrong? =) Anywho...this summer, I read all of Matthew to my kids and we stopped at every passage and talked about what it meant. I planned to get through most of the Bible this summer. But, like you, things got in the way. So here is what helps me when I have the blahs and the guilt that I don't give the Lord enough of my time. I simply talk to Him. I pray, I cry, I thank and simply chat over coffee with my Savior. I find that I don't have to read the Bible to stay connected. I just have to reach out and feel Him take my hand.

  6. I would have to agree with you about re-focusing with study time with our Lord and Saviour, I am also an over-whelmed and tired of the same ol routine day in and day out. But the Lord helps me realize that what we do in everday lives as moms is to glorify HIM and what else could be more gratifying and rewarding that honoring our Father! Amen, other wise without Him I don't know where my emotions would take me.

    P.S. I love your blog


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