Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things I Never Thought I'd Do as a Mom

1. Love kissing my daughter's feet and rubbing them all over my face regardless of how sweaty or dirty they might be.

2. Get up over 15 times in one night because I'm too much of a softy to let my baby CIO.

3. Get so used to being spit up on that the stains on my clothes don't even bother me until someone else has to point out that I should change. hahaha

4. Become extremely aware of what my daughter's ears are being exposed to on the radio, TV, etc. since the day she was born!

5. Enjoy how loud my little girl can fart..uh, excuse me, toot. I think she has her daddy beat! hahahahah

6. Open my mouth when I am feeding Daisy her cereal. It seems to be almost uncontrollable...when I move the spoon towards her mouth...mine opens too!

7. Get grossed out by Daisy's diaper blow outs. Poop in a diaper I can handle just fine but, for some reason when it comes out and gets on things that it isn't supposed to be on...including me on a daily basis, I get a little bleh, if you know what I mean.

8. Be able to lay on the floor and play with Daisy for hours on end. I actually have a pretty short attention span for monotony but, I never seem to burn out on playing with my daughter. I surprise myself!

9. Put Daisy's pacifier back in her mouth even when it has just fallen in the street...hold on, let me explain. I don't do this frequently but, at the time we were away from home, we had no other pacifier and no way to clean the pacifier other than brushing it off...Daisy was screaming and heck, I just really didn 't care about a few measly germs at that point, GASP!!! That is SOOOO unlike me!

10. Get extremely annoyed (and in a boxing mood) when a strange man in our neighborhood who I don't even know reaches down and picks Daisy up out of her stroller when I am on a walk without even asking me if I mind....okay so maybe this one doesn't qualify (for things I never thought I do) but, I just had to share (weird people alert)!

11. Be 100% content to savor and relish every single moment with my daughter with no need for her to hurry and move on to the next milestone. I tend to look ahead a lot in life and I worried that I might miss out on things in the present with Daisy because I am too excited about what she has yet to do...this has not been a problem at all. I am loving every single second of this!!!


  1. I can totally relate with the dirty feet, farts, and spit up/god-only-knows-what covered clothing!

  2. this post made me smile so big :)! A couple that I will add (since most of these are true of me too) is bouncing from side to side even when Brayden isn't on my hip, which now that he is 2, isn't very often anymore, be aware of how FAST people drive, I never noticed it before I had a child but now I notice it on a daily basis, and lastly, love rocking him as much as I do, for the same reason that I am not a sit down, monotony type of person, but its my FAVORITE time being a Mom, I am not happy that he is soon to grow out of it :)!

    What a sweet post KC!

  3. I can't believe that guy just picked Daisy up!! I don't think I would have been very nice about that. :-/

  4. awww...what a great list. Love the fart comment. Also wait til you have your second baby and watch how many dirty pacifiers you put in their mouth...ha ha! I can only imagine the lack of cleanliness I will have with #3...IF we have a #3 :-) You need to do a list for your husband btw! :-)

  5. #9 - I so did this all the time, usually after cleaning it off in my own mouth!
    #10 - Oh my word! That would freak me out beyond words!

  6. I did #6 weird how that happens =) and #3 I was ready to purchase a smock at one time (had a baby and three toddlers at the time) but never got around to it. Wait till they are puking. My goodness, when one got sick hey all did, I didn't have time to change so I was puked on till hubby got home. I barely had time to get the bowl from one child to the other. I tell ya, things we mamas go through. Wouldn't change it for the world!

  7. That was way funny. I can relate to all of that for sure. I really think it's impossible to not open your mouth when you feed your baby. And I would want to box some freaky stranger for picking up my baby too. Ewy! What about rocking as you are doing your makeup or talking to someone (when you are NOT holding your baby)! lol, I always catch myself doing embarrassing. (oh, I guess someone else kind of said that). The list will keep growing. Glad you wrote them down!

  8. Love your post! Funny, the "little girl farts" are not as adorable at 16. BUT I never thought that when my daughter reached 16, I would still grab her toes and kiss them no matter how smelly they are! I never realized that when my kids were 12 and 16, my heart would still bleed with worry when they leave the house. Thank heavens for cell phones!! Enjoy your precious little girl and know that even when she is driving, she will still feel like your baby (except for the farts).

  9. yip, you NEVER knew really what you were capable of until you have that baby. Living on no sleep, wanting to 'eat' your baby cuz you can't get enough of them :) and Momma bear coming out when you didn't even know you had it in you.I have the funniest story when I was in the hospital with my last one I took all of his clothes off to check out every single inch of his body....the nurse came in and I had both of of his feet in my mouth, full on in my mouth...she smiled but kind of slipped out like, 'weird girl, come back later.' Enjoy!

  10. WHOA, if some random stranger tries to pick up my niece again, I'm going to fly out from California and give him a lengthy talking to. He'd better watch it...=)

  11. i literally just put H to bed and while putting her in her pjs i smelled her feet and kissed them and rubbed them on my cheeks too lol She thinks its so funny and I love it even when they are stinky!!


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