Friday, August 13, 2010

She's a Barrel of Laughs Now!!

I wish more than anything that I had captured Daisy's adorable laughs on video but, now that I know what brings it out of her I'll be sure to try again! There is a point to my story below...:-)

I've been feeling bad for our dog, Dakota. She is a mini Dachshund and she has the horrible habit of peeing in our house whenever anyone new enters or whenever she is nervous or excited. It's sooooo frustrating and a hassle. On top of that she is an incessant chewer. If anything...and I mean anything is left on the ground she assumes it's fair game and she will fully annihilate it! We spent nearly $3,000 (sorry, I just have to share this staggering amount because it only makes my point stronger!) on a surgery to remove a 6 inch rawhide that she consumed nearly whole in her over zealousness. Since then she is not allowed to have anything except a bone that cannot be broken down without a good year of effort. I wish she could have toys, I wish it was easier to let Dakota roam our house, I wish I could let her play with Daisy but, instead she has to go outside most days because I cannot work full time from home, have a nanny watching Daisy and expect Dakota not to chew all of Daisy's toys up that are all over the floor. I feel bad for Dakota being outside all day, I really do, but she is so disobedient that I don't feel like I have any other choice...she does come in and hang out in the evening for the record but, it still isn't as much as she deserves. I had even gotten to the point where I questioned whether or not it's even fair for us to keep Dakota when she should be playing with someone all day and able to get her energy out. Can any of you relate to the challenges with pets after kids come along? It's not that I don't still love and adore my silly dog, it's just I am so maxed out that I don't have the extra time to deal with her mischief anymore. Please don't think of me as heartless....

Anyhow, I was feeling especially guilty about all of this today, so after I got off work I took the extra time to clean up everything from the floors, shut all the bedroom doors, take Dakota potty so she wouldn't pee in the house and then let Dakota come in so she could play with me and Daisy for a while. Of course Dakota still managed to get into trouble...practically chewing a hole in our carpet where Daisy had evidently spit up...(yes, I was grossed out and now I want to rent a carpet cleaner) but, once we got past this I noticed that Daisy was intensely following Dakota's every move. She studied her, smiled at her and reached for her (she is reaching for me and others to pick her up now!). So I sat Daisy up in my lap and held her with my right hand while I played and rough housed with Dakota with my left. Out of no where I hear Daisy full on giggling up a storm!! I couldn't believe my ears!!! I continued to play with Dakota while Daisy continued to laugh and giggle for about five minutes...perfectly long enough for Daddy to hear as he had just gotten home from work. He and I were both in Heaven listening to our little girl laugh purposefully for the first time. Music to our ears!! I can't wait to post a video for you all to enjoy. I also thought it ironic that Dakota, often the source of my insanity, would also be the source of laughter for my daughter...I think God might have been trying to tell me something today?? lol

Daisy your laughter is more beautiful than a symphony playing their finest tune, more mesmerizing than the stars twinkling in the night sky and more precious than the finest diamonds sparkling in the shop windows. Love You!!

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  1. Those first laughs are so memorable. I've been fortunate enough to capture them on video. Get as many videos as you can, because believe me, you'll look back on them in just one year, and cry because time is going by way too fast.


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