Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little Luxuries

Bringing these two little treats home from the store made all that boring grocery shopping SO worth it! I literally devoured the entire container of Edamame's in less than an hour and with them, I enjoyed a delicious glass of bubbly French Berry lemonade. I thought the glass bottle was so pretty that I didn't even care if the drink inside it tasted good...but oh how good it was; what a pleasant surprise! YUM! Oh and I have I mentioned before how much I LOVE Trader Joe's? That store is fabulous!! Minimal preparation required and yet so many tasty things to choose from.
Daisy tries to be patient with me and my incessant picture taking..but, sometimes as you can tell from the above picture...she is just SO over it and I truly do not blame her. She is very patient with me 99% of the time. Love my little tutu princess!!

What little luxuries do you treat yourself to on occasion?


  1. Mmmm!!! Yum Yum! Ok, my little luxuries are sherbert, avocados, and anything lemon (not together of course), all things that Mike doesnt enjoy, so it's a special treat to get them for myself!

    And I love the Daisy Tutu Princess pictures :)! TOO precious!

  2. First oh my...Daisy is simply beautiful. I have not been able to get my boys into a tutu...but if I could... j/k...love the pictures!

    I get a little giddy at Trader Joe's too. I love to treat myself to a coffee treat. I heart Starbucks.

    Oh by the way I hear TJ's has really great dumpsters...just kidding!!! :-)

  3. Ooo...that TJ lemonade is excellent! Great choice, we were drawn to the bottle too :) Daisy is SO cute, I don't blame you for wanting to take her picture all the time. Love those little legs!

    Let's see...a luxury we treat ourselves to is eating out with friends after church :). Have a great day! ~Jinnia

  4. i love your little luxuries!! mine are starbucks and watching dvr-ed tv :)
    i love the tutu!!! did you make it yourself?

  5. Every picture you post of Daisy gets me more excited to meet her. :-) I'd have to say my favorite luxury is rocky road trip from coldstone...mm-mm-m-m-good!!!!!


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