Monday, August 9, 2010

Fire Fall Down - Starting the Week Right

The work weeks are long for all of us am I right? Sometimes I forget in the midst of this maddening rat race to meet with the Lord every day and fill my soul with His strength and peace. My prayer today is that the Lord's fire would fall on me, on you and on us all. That we would seek His face and find rest when we are weary, lonely, sad, joyful, hurting. Jesus, fill us today so that we can shine for you!

You bought my life with the
Blood that You shed on the cross
When You died for the sins of men
And You let out a cry
Crucified now alive in e

These hands are Yours
Teach them to serve as You please
And I'll reach out desperate to see
All the greatness of God
May my soul rest assured in You

I'll never be the same
No I'll never be the same

Cause I know that You're alive
You came to fix my broken life
And I'll sing to glorify
Your Holy Name
Jesus Christ

You changed it all
You broke down the wall
When I spoke and confessed
In You I'm blessed
Now I walk in the light
In victorious sight of You

Your fire fall down
Fall down
On us we pray
As we seek

Show me Your heart
Show me Your way
Show me Your glory

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  1. Wow. Powerful song. I love, love, love watching everyone wanting His presence and found myself tearing up with them. Casey, thank you for helping me end my Monday with desire for His fire to fall on me, on you and us all. You are right, the work weeks are long for all of us. This week my hubby is out of town for work, and looks like he'll be away for the weekend too. I need God's strength and peace to fill my soul as I run around taking care of things. This weekend a Christian worship artist is coming to our church to train the worship leaders and I'm to help with that. Will you pray for me to have strength and wisdom? I'm tired as anything.


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