Friday, August 27, 2010

My Sister's Handiwork

My sister is a talented gal. She is a super creative writer, she is an awesome athelete, she is a great model when I need to take pictures of her and to me, more importantly than any of these skills is that she has a deep and passionate love for Jesus. As my sister grows and matures so to does her faith and her understanding of the Lord and I am so proud of the woman she is growing up to be!

The teenage years can be tough or I should say...are tough and staying faithful to the Lord during those years is also a challenge. I remember that most of the time I felt pretty close to the Lord back then but, at the same time I felt like my relationship with the Lord made me different from a lot of my peers and made it harder for me to connect with everyone. Truthfully, I'm so glad the days of high school are a distant memory. There were good memories too of course but, I think growing older is beautiful in that it liberates us from a lot of the petty things that seem so important to us when we are younger. I'm so thankful that the Lord is patient, that he walks beside us even when we ignore him, use him, spit in his face, disobey, lie, cheat and steal. Our God is so loving, so merciful, so REAL! Sitting here today I cannot help but, give God ALL the glory for everything. He has steered my life and He has loved me through thick and thin.

I asked my sister if I could share her poem below because I think from time to time we can all relate to it and I also added a bible verse below to wrap it up with God's voice. Wherever you are at today, I hope you know how much God loves you! Happy Friday all!

I’ve dug this hole so deep,

I sit in the dirt at the bottom and weep,

When a rope is thrown down

And help is so near

I sever the line in my hurt and my fear.

And hands reach down, loving and kind

I grab them and pull, so they’re right by my side.

Why do I reject them, all the hope that they give?

I could have been saved, and on solid ground,

But I choose to remain in this pit so I drown.

Where is the redemption, and the freedom from sin?

To get rid of my guilt, how do I begin?

I pray and I cry, but the answers won’t come.

Oh Lord, why are you holding back?

I want you to give me the faith that I lack.

Maybe I’m wrong and you’re speaking to me,

But please, God, why are you doing it so quietly?

I know that you’re there,

I’ve heard you before,

Are you done with talking to me anymore?

Lord let me be satisfied,

To know that you love me and to know I can’t hide,

You know where I am, you’re always here

Let me know that, and then,

Give me hope that I’ll hear your voice once again.

"The Lord is near to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." Psalm 34:18


  1. what a beautiful poem...just love it:-)

  2. me too! It's amazing!

  3. Beautiful post and poem. I love reading of other's faith and love for God. It helps me not to turn my back on him.

  4. This is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow. This is *whispering* beautiful. I love your sister's expression of hurt, fear, uncertainty, guilt, desire, faith, and hope...


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