Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big Wheels

Oh my gosh I just love this picture of Daisy on our friends big wheel bike. She looks like such a big girl:-0

Daisy did not like swinging at all..she totally freaked out and froze in her Daddy's lap so they just sat instead and that seemed to be all that Daisy needed to be entertained:-)
We were all drenched in sweat at this park. It was mid 90's with super high humidity and the mosquitos were eating my feet alive. Icky. Daisy handled the heat like a champ. We were so proud of her!
My friend Elissa snapped these pics really quick for me and I enjoyed them all so I had to share them. Daisy is such a happy, smiley, silly baby girl. I could just eat her up...nicely of course:)

Daisy LOVES to flirt with her Daddy:)
funny face!

Daisy is now 15 pounds 7 ounces (though they said I could knock off a few ounces since she was uh, clogged so to speak) and 25" long GROWING and growing!! She is just a tad above the average mark in her weight and length now. Daisy also had to get to shots and boy do I hate that about her visits. They make me hold her leg down...ummm, thanks for making me look like the bad guy! Daisy cried big crocodile tears by the time the second shot was over so I scooped her up really quick and turned on the sink in the office and let her play with the water. That cheered her up almost instantaneously! Thank goodness she likes water so much:-). The doctor gave me the green light to start feeding Daisy twice a day now: once in the early morning after I nurse her and once in the evening after I nurse her. We have tried rice cereal for about a month now and Daisy LOVES it but, unfortunately it clogs her pipes really bad, poor baby:(. I also tried oatmeal two times since the doctor said it shouldn't cause constipation as bad as rice but, Daisy does not like the oatmeal at all. I'm going to work on it and see if I can't mix things into it so she'll like it more. Tonight we had rice cereal mixed with squash and Daisy devoured it! She gets to eat four tablespoons of food a day now so we eat two Tbs in the morning of cereal and mixed veggies and two more Tbs at night. Did any of you nursing mamas nurse less frequently once you started feeding solids twice a day? I'm sure this could be an area of opinion but, I wouldn't mind hearing some feedback.

I've been putting Daisy to bed between 8:30 and 8:45 every night now and she goes to sleep so easily (thus far), she is so exhausted by this time because she doesn't take a nap after 5:30 anymore. She has also returned the favor by waking up for good in the morning at around 7 or 7:30. This would be a dream of a routine if only she slept through the night which at this point she still does not do. I have noticed that she seems to sleep a little better now that she is eating solids but, she still wakes up a few times a night and then has to be nursed around 4:30 or 5:30 depending on the day. So that is the latest in the sleep department.

Daisy is SO tired of laying on her back and playing on her play mat. She gets so frustrated with us when we stick her under that thing now because she would much rather be held and walk around with us or go outside and stare at the trees and the people. She likes to bounce around on her legs while we hold her and she loves to hold whatever we have in our hands. I can't even eat in front of her anymore because it's clear that she understands what I am doing now and she reaches for my plate...I feel bad so I eat where she can't see me. lol. Daisy LOVES to talk, squeal and shriek. She is one talkative gal!! I think she prefers talking over improving on her motor skills at this point:). She's got her rolling down from tummy to back and she is doing great with tummy time now. She's such a big girl and I just can't process how much she has changed and grown!!! Oh time slow down please...


  1. I love the pic with her and her daddy!! She loves him you can tell. Daddys and their little girls have the cutest bond.

    She is such a chunker its soo cute. That is a great size for a baby her age. Just wait till she crawls then she'll start filling out more and lose a lot of her chub.

    Kingston got really constipated when we started to give him solids. His dr told me to mix in a little prune juice with his cereal (seriously just a little like smaller than a dime) and it really helped him. He had a poopy diaper in less than an hour. Prunes are the best for that. If you give her prunes now since your introducing foods she'll like it more than if you give her all the good stuff then the prunes. She'll think your the meanest mommy because Prunes are awful! haha

    Their bodies are just getting used to the new foods so don't worry I bet she will be back to normal soon poopin away!! :)

    I don't breastfeed but once they start eating more solids they don't want their bottles/boobs as much unless she uses your boob as a soother.

    Kingston drinks like 5 bottles a day but that is just my baby! You are sooo lucky you are able to breastfeed so if you want I wouldn't cut back unless Daisy doesn't want it as much.

    Hope this helps... geez I wrote so much.

  2. she shouldn't cut back on her nursing just because foods are introduced. milk is her #1 source of nutrition until 1 year then foods are becoming more important, and you can start cows milk at that point...but i would keep nursing it's the best thing for her and it will keep her from getting sick! between 6-12 months when you start solids it's just practice to get them ready for the one year mark. curren still ate every 3 hours during the day and 1 time at night until he was 1 year old, then cut back to like 2 nursings a day, nap time and bed time but that was just him. but don't cut back on her nursing just yet!

  3. Someday Daisy will have a pink big wheels that her daddy bought just for her! Seriously, her smile is so contagious Casey!
    Glad the check up went well and she is growing so big...couldn't ask for more huh? Well, maybe sleeping through the night huh? I bet she will do that on her own someday and you won't have to fight her for it.

    As far as feeding...yum yum! Glad she is eating it up and enjoying it. Don't worry too much about the breastfeeding because you are doing an awesome job (16lbs!). One thing I learned that I can't say more, is that every baby is different and try not to compare breastfeeding habits. I did that and it wasn't good. My boys were completely different than every other baby out there. It is natural that they would nurse less as they get more food, but take her cues too. Certain fruits and veggies have nutrients that our breastmilk doesn't have, so go for it! Enjoy the nursing and feeding her food:-) You are an awesome Mommy!!

  4. What a great idea to distract Daisy with water! As for the breastfeeding, you know my opinion...breastfeed, then offer solid foods. I was told by my doctor that babies really don't absorb much of the calories of solid food until they are about 18 mo., which is why it is still so important that they continue to get plenty of the high calorie breast milk. Try not to stress and just go by what is comfortable for you and Daisy. As they other ladies have said, every kid is different, therefore their needs are different. You and Joey are doing a fantastic job!

  5. She does look like a big girl on the big wheels! How cute! And I love the pic with her daddy, her elbow makes a sweet pose. As for nursing, I didn't cut back on nursing until they were more accustomed to the solids, which was a few months after introducing the solids. I maybe took out 1 feeding but pretty much kept nursing them each until 14 months, if I remember correctly.

  6. I can't offer any advice in the breastfeeding area, but feel like all you Moms wh oare able to breastfeed deserve a special hoorah! because it is definetely a labor of love and can be really hard to do! You are such an AMAZING mother. Seriously, you are a natural and were born to do it, so do what feels right for you guys. You have awesome intuition! Love these pics, love the flirting with her Daddy who she just looks so much like! Kiss the little darling for me!

  7. She is a cutie pie! Following you from jinnialow.com

  8. I love how your earrings match her dress!!! Adorable pics as always!

  9. Such beautiful pics!!!
    Both my boys still breastfed the same amount. Seth didn't eat too many solids but rice cereal. At 15 months, my doctor told me I HAD to stop breastfeeding because he refused normal food. Brandon barely ate rice cereal. He pretty much ate everything we ate - just ground up with a banana. Even though he downed a whole banana (plus other stuff) at a time, he still nursed as much as ever!

  10. I agree with all the above ladies! I nursed all 6 of mine & they all were a bit different for sure! Obviously, you are doing something right! She is an adorable, healthy baby! I know my 3rd baby ~ a boy, continued to nurse every 3 hrs up to 8 mths when I weened him. He was a robust lit'l guy but, proportioned. He is now a 14 yr old healthy, fit, athletic young man!

    Try and go by her cues... One tip is if she seems very hungry and doesn't have the patience for the solid food nurse 1st, then food, then top off with the hind breast milk if she wants. Anything you try you reallly can't go wrong! You are giving her the best food! Mama's Milk.
    *Do you mix breast milk with her cereal? I know some people do and some will add formula and water? I that case I would think formula could add to the constipation.

    Well, Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy! The grow OH too fast!
    Thanks for sharing and opportunity to comment!

    aka Bizee Mama

  11. Hi,

    What lovely pictures. Im your newest follower from mom bloggers. Have a great week.



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