Thursday, August 19, 2010

Leg Warmers

My friend Elissa gave us these super cute leg warmers for Daisy and she finally fits in them:). As you can tell by how happy Daisy is...clearly she loves them! hehe. Do any of you remember wearing leg warmers to school because I do! I don't think it's exactly something I am proud of now but, hey they were very COOL back in the day. lol.

I could not possibly be more tired than I am right now. Well, I'm sure I could be, but I can't imagine what that would feel like. It is night's like these that I am ever grateful that Friday will greet me in the morning:-)

To all my blogger buddies: HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Daisy is 20 weeks old as of Wednesday of this week. My baby girl will be 5 months old in less than two weeks! The latest Daisy recap: She LOVES eating a lot of cereal every night right before bed, she does not like being in one spot for long, she enjoys variety and a plethora of activities, she likes walking outside while being held (it seems to always calm her down), loves her soft blankie and pacifier when she is getting sleepy (it soothes her), is fascinated by our dog Dakota, is STILL not a fan of tummy time...crazy, I know, is super interested in anything we are eating or holding, is such a great, sweet baby but, when she's sleepy she wants mama.

And now because I am totally rambling in this post due to my deliriousness, I will sign off...hopefully the next post will be more inspired! lol


  1. I remember leg warmers. I wanted some real bad but never did get them (could be a good thing ;) My older sis had a pair though.
    Love the color of Daisy's. Pink and brown my tow favorite colors.

  2. Too. Effin. Cute! The headband rocks! Her piggy toes under the leg warmers rock too! I think it is so cool that leg warmers are back too!!! I grew up in the 80's soooo way cool!

  3. I totally had leg warmers. Total cool. Had 'em for my girls too. Love it! Happy Friday!

  4. Casey she is such a doll! I want to bite her! I absolutely love the leg warmers. She is always dressed so adorable! LOVE IT!


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