Wednesday, July 14, 2010

15 Weeks and SO Happy Today

I was too tired to get this post up yesterday (Wednesday) which was Daisy's 15 week birthday so just imagine that you are reading this a day prior. LOL.

I am so excited to share that Daisy learned to mimic rasberrys a few days ago. I'm hoping you know what I mean by that?? I do have a video of her doing this but, the TV was on in the background and it unfortunately drowned out her noises. Our Super nanny, Daisy's Auntie Jess, was blowing rasberrys for Daisy while she sat in her swing and all of a sudden I hear Auntie Jess yelling for me from the other room. I go running into the room and watched Jess blow a rasberry and then Daisy mimic a rasberry back over and over again. It was SO stinking cute to watch Daisy stare so intensely at Jess and then to watch her try so hard to blow her own rasberry. Bubbles and spit go flying but, she can do it!! Oh my gosh it's adorable!! I couldn't get Daisy to mimic me until yesterday and then she did it a lot and then this morning bright and early she blew rasberrys with DAddy and made his day! I will post a video as soon as I can capture this precious moment on film!;).

In other news: My mom is here and to welcome her Daisy treated my mom to her happiest day to date. No joke. I have never heard DAisy chatter happily for 15 hours straight, coo, and giggle non stop and be as content as can be laying on her blanket or her play mat all day long. I actually felt a tad jealous (in love:) that Daisy was having such a blast with my mom as even I (the apple of Daisy's eye) have not received such a warm reception in her short lifetime. What a treat for Grandma Lulu! Granted today Daisy is back to her more subdued self but, still yesterday was a complete riot!!

Daisy is SO close to rolling. She gets about half way over and then falls back and I can tell she is dying to figure it out. Any day now! She is doing great with tummy time these days. She can go about 10-15 minutes as long as she has fun things to look at around her and as long as she hasn't just which case she tends to spit up a lot. This kid can talk!! As soon as these squeals and squeaks become words we are going to have one lively chatter box on our hands. Daisy loves walks and has gotten a lot better about tolerating her car seat so I can enjoy getting out much more than I used to. Daisy is grabbing and holding everything now. She is fascinated by any new toy (such as the ones my mom got her that make a loud crinkling noise) and anything she can stick in her mouth and gum on. I do think she is teething for sure now which explains the fussiness at night, the drooling, the pricky gums, the finger chewing and tummy problems. Truly Daisy is such an angel baby! She still doesn't sleep great at night perse but, she naps regularly and goes to sleep so easily for me, smiles and talks all day long and gives us so many laughs. We love this little stinker to pieces!! Happy 15 weeks baby girl!!


  1. She is such a doll Casey! When I saw her pics she looks so old! What a fun stage for you guys right now, with every new adventure she takes you guys on, you are loving it and cherishing it! So great! So glad your momma is there, have so much fun!

  2. I love the look she is giving in the pic of your mom kissing her!!! She's like, "Grandma's here, she loves me." Oh I love that face! I want to kiss her little cheeks off!

  3. Aw, so adorable! Daisy sounds like such a joy! I love the expressions on her face! Have a nice, restful weekend!


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