Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Awful Scare

My little girl scared me to death today. I had just gotten off of work (4PM) and had laid Daisy down in her crib for her nap. I always lay her down awake and spin her mobile so she can start relaxing. She usually falls asleep quite peacefully on her own though I do come in a couple more times to rewind the mobile and give her pacifier back. I usually sit in my office which is wall to wall with her room so I can literally hear every peep and sniffle that she makes without her seeing me and wanting me to pick her up.

I was sitting in my office chair and all of a sudden I hear Daisy make an off the wall, bizarre, heart stopping, choke noise. It almost sounded like a cough so I almost ignored it until she made another noise just like it and I know my daughters noises frontwards and backwards and that was a noise of danger. I felt my body go cold and I jumped out of my chair in a panic and went racing into her room. Daisy had scooted herself (on her back) into one of the corners of her crib and for the life of me I cannot figure out what happened. Maybe when she scooted her clothes had gotten caught tightly around her neck from her pulling them up by scooting back or maybe she bent her head weird in the corner of the crib but, I kid you not she was purple, not breathing, had snot running out of her nose, pus in her eyes and had tears gushing, but no crying. I grabbed her out of the crib so fast while borderline screaming, "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God," Smacked her back as hard as I could...I really didn't know what else to try in that moment of panic. Truthfully, it all unfolded much more quickly than it felt all thanks to God. She began breathing and crying immediately after though she was still struggling with snot in her throat and her eyes seemed a bit glazed over.

I have never in my life felt the terror and horror that I felt in those few short moments. Thoughts of losing my child, thoughts of not having enough time to call 911, thoughts of feeling utterly helpless, thoughts of everything you can imagine flashed through my mind and what bothered me most is that I am not sure for the life of me what caused her to struggle to breathe. She had no toys or things in her crib to play with or choke on. That freaks me out big time because I don't want it to happen again but, how can I prevent something when I do not know the cause? This is one of those situations where I will have to trust the Lord to take care of my precious baby and hope and pray that this was just a bizarre fluke thing.

I continued to shake for a good 10 minutes after everything was over. I felt sick, nauseous, dizzy, weak...just downright awful. I'm sure you all have had a similar situation with your kiddos. It's got to be the worst feeling in the world! All I can say is thank you Jesus that Daisy is okay, thank you Jesus that I heard her when I did and that I was able to get her breathing again. THank you Jesus!


  1. Praise God that you were there, at the perfect moment, in your own Mother's intuition to intervene. No doubt that God was with you both in that moment that you came to the rescue. I can't imagine how scary that must have been Casey and will pray for comfort and peace for you as well as health for Daisy and that this doesn't happen again. I am so so sorry this happened and I hope you are doing ok and that Daisy isn't still suffering any ill effects from it!!

  2. Oh, how scary! I am so thankful she is alright - I hope you will be alright soon, too. I can imagine what you must be feeling.

  3. oh my, how scary!! I can not imagen what you must have been feeling, just by reading what happend to you brought tears to my eyes. No mother ever wants to see their child in danger.
    praise God that she is ok!! We just have to trust Him to watch over are little ones when we are asleep or not able at the time being.

    My God bring peace and comfort to your heart <3

    I am your new follower =).

  4. How awful that must have been! I am happy to hear that she is ok. I think I would maybe mention it to her Pediatrician next time you see them just because you aren't sure how it happened.

    I have had a scary incident with one of my children and just thinking about it now makes my stomach turn and it was 4 years ago.

  5. OH my gosh! This happened to me with kingston twice!! The noise they make is awful! I think our instincts hit in and we know what to do! I'm glad she is okay. Call her dr (if you haven't and let them know) sometiems they like to see them or just watch her and make sure she is okay the rest of the day! You are a good mommy!!

    *hugs* from me all the way from Utah.

  6. ummm...dear, I am so sorry! Call your doc and let them know...if nothing was causing it that you can see, hopefully there isn't something wrong! I am praying that God keeps your ears open and heart on alert. So sorry that happened...I practically got scared reading this! Keep us updated on what happens

  7. Very scary! I'm scared just reading this!! Praise God she is okay and you were right there to know what was going on. God's grace was with you!!
    Big Fat Mama

  8. Praise God for a mother's instinct! How terribly frightening! I would definitely make sure you call her pediatrician tomorrow to let them know what happened. Is it possible that she make have choked on saliva? Huge hugs to you mama!! And many prayers for peace tonight.

  9. Praise the Lord that you heard her and that she is okay. That is sooo scary!! Praying for you and her.

  10. Your poor thing it must have been so terrible. I'm so glad she is ok!!!

  11. Oh my friend, I am is bringing back to a time for me where Layton had a near sids episode and he just happened to be sleeping on the couch as I was folding laundry, thank you Jesus you were there....thank you Jesus....I feel your overwhelming adrenaline running thru your body with wabbly knees and unable to make out a full sentence for the rest of the day as you hug that babe of yours just a little tighter. THANK YOU JESUS, must go blow my nose and wipe my tears....


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