Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Time to Clean...

Everything on this counter was expired..minus the coffee cream and Odouls which we consume regularly. How gross that I had this much expired stuff in the fridge huh! And in case you were wondering...yes, we recycle!
Today I decided to go through our condiments and throw away the ones that have sat in the fridge for so long that they expired months ago without my knowledge...I may have even used them since then simply because I must figure that things in the fridge last forever. Yeck! Then I got a little burst of energy and decided to scrub out my entire fridge and now it is sparkly clean! That is one of those things I only get around to doing maybe once a year that in depth. Sorry, if that is gross but, I simply don't have time for that kind of cleaning anymore. I took today off because my little gal was up from 12 AM on every 30 minutes or more and I just couldn't face a work day this wiped out. I thought I would have the nanny come today so I could sleep all day and recover but, the one time I tried to lay down I found my head spinning with so many To Do's...I need to wash my car, clean the fridge, do some laundry, vacuume, work on my photo editing, post a blog, call that friend, take a shower, eat something if I get around to it, pay some bills etc. I tried so hard to turn off the choir in my head but to no avail so I got up and now I have a clean fridge, laundry going, blog post up and hopefully a few more things by the time the nanny leaves. Hopefully the little baby sleeps a tad better tonight...not that she ever has but, still.

Do any of you have a household chore that you constantly think, "I really should get to that but, I just don't have time...." What is that chore for you? I still have a few others that I need to get around to like cleaning out my oven, and cleaning our windows around the house. I don't think I've done that since we moved here! Yikes! lol.


  1. ah! i love this post! i am such a neat freak but i haven't gotten around to cleaning the carpets in our house. i was supposed to do it before we moved in, 4+ years ago....and this morning i went to the grocery store and rented a 'rug doctor'....and i've am FINALLY cleaning the carpets. (ps, the 'rug doctor' is amazing!!!)
    here's to finally completing the not-so-fun tasks! :)
    you go girl!

  2. oooo, I need to do that too Marisa! I'm going to have to rent one of those. Where did you get it?

  3. THATS nothin! I have thrown away things from my parents fridge and cabinets that were from YEARS ago. They moved a few years ago which means they actually brought expired things with them..ridiculous!

  4. how crazy is that! I cleaned out my fridge too today! Great minds think alike. I have a list about a mile long of things I want to get done in my house. I used to have a great cleaning schedule where I made a little accomplishment everyday and then every friday I would do a big clean the fridge or clean the oven. Worked really good and kept the house clean!

    How did the doc go?

  5. We are getting new appliances next week and when I take everything out of the fridge to move it into the new fridge I think more than half is going to be cleared out to the trash!! My bedside table is where I keep my socks and under-garments and it's needed cleaning out for a while. Whenever I got something new I was just adding to the drawers instead of getting rid of something - so two days ago I emptied the entire contents of the drawers onto my bed and went through it all piece by piece. I love purging - but don't do it often enough!

  6. Oh for me it's the dreaded oven! That's the one I only get to once or twice a year, and like you, I just say, sorry if you don't want to look at my oven...but there are other priorities in my home...;)

    Your in that season. Take the time to try and rest as much as you can...the dishes and dust will be there whether you get to them or not.

    I joke around and tell my friends that my house didn't become liveable until my youngest was 5. Now I give all my friends permission to rest and not worry about their little ones until they are 5.

    Be blessed! You have a beautiful family!


  7. sorry, that was You're in that season. That's what happens when I type too fast while eating candy at the same time.

    :) :) :)

  8. I only clean out the fridge when my pop can (sorry, soda. I am from Rochester, NY so I say "pop" =) sticks to the shelf on the fridge due to high fructose corn syrup placed in the hands of a child! I LOVE the way it sparkles when it is done!

    To do? Oh, EVERYTHING and like every other day, I will ignore it, blog, do some homework then go the the firehouse where I volunteer as an EMT/Firefighter. Thankfully, my kids are practically grandparents now so they need little supervision! =)

    We bought a Bissell Powersteamer. It was about $150.00(ish). More than I wanted to spend but I WOULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT NOW! With 3 dogs (Crappy Clifford being one) and 2 teenagers and all of their friends, that thing is used about once/month.

  9. What do I put off...dusting my wood blinds! Eeek! My house usually looks clean on the surface, picked up, etc...but with 3 kids, as for a "deep clean," well, that just doesn't happen - LOL! Just wanted to make sure you got my looooong email to you yesterday - ha ha! I didn't want to leave all of that in your comment section. Have a great weekend! :-)

  10. Hey Casey, oven and windows - those are big tasks. That would be on my list, and oh dusting. I don't know what about dusting is so hard, you just take the feathers and whoosh whoosh, right? LOL. Have a GREAT weekend :)

  11. girl, I think it's those extra hormones running thru that body of yours to keep you moving at a 90 pace even when you have had NO sleep. I am just impressed...I do understand about the 'choir in head' thing. Sometimes it is best just to GET UP and get 'er done as my dad would say, and I say YOU GO GIRL!!!

  12. I always think about cleaning the door knob to our pantry (where we keep our trashcan) and the door itself. It just looks kind of icky and I imagine it's crawling with germs. But I hardly ever do it!

    (I'm so glad to see some KC Masterpeice in the mix-- but you've got to get around to using it more! It should never go bad!)


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