Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Four Pack

From Left to Right: Daisy, Lila, Raelyn and Sam all born within weeks of each other! They have been buddies since the day they were born...well, before that if you consider all the get togethers we gals had when we were preggo! So neat that they will get to grow up together (hopefully) and have all these pictures to look back on! Sam is a little out numbered but, I don't think he'll mind when he grows up and has three beautiful girl friends!
=The guys kept busy on Labor day by playing corn hole while we mamas hung out inside with the babies.
sleeping baby Sam. He konked out on the living room floor in a precious little ball of adorableness! (yes, that is now a word:)
Daisy and Daddy posing on the stool
Little rock star Sam sitting all by himself! He's the oldest of the four pack.
Lovely Jen managing two of the four babies while I take pictures. Raelyn is her adorable little girl. Can't you see the resemblance?
I snapped a few pics of Lindsey and her little guy Sam. Too cute!

Daisy relaxing on the couch after a long day:-)
Daisy chilling on the couch with her favorite guy on earth...Daddy.
My pumpkin head. Love her so much!
It was such a treat to get the four pack (the name we came up with for our four baby friends), together on Labor Day. We haven't all gotten together in a while now and our babies are all growing so fast. Some are crawling, some sit up on their own, some have teeth, some babble words...they are all changing so rapidly!! This babies are so cute together and I look forward to seeing them grow up together as long as we all live around each other. Joey and I are so grateful for our friendships with the parents. Such a special thing!


  1. Way cute babies! I love raelyns hair!! Its soo long and Sams big eyes!! Daisy is soo stinking cute. Just wait till she can crawl she wont be on that couch much longer! haha

  2. These are great. Raelyn has a lot of hair. They are so adorable!

  3. oh.my.goodness! these are amazing! i can't even get over the cuteness factor. i'm a little jealous though... i wish we had friends with babies the same age like that. what a blessing! (and you are a fabulous photographer!)

  4. Get togethers like that are sooo much fun!! Looks like y'all have a great group and ADORABLE babies!! Our block is like that - all the neighbors were preggo at the same time so our kids have next door buddies for life - we all are committed not to move till they go off to college! LOL

  5. great pictures Casey! But more than that these friendships with these little guys brings me back to for years 6 other mother's and our babes got together once a week. We were 'Mommy and Me' then they got big and we went our different ways even though we still have a special place for one another. Now? We have 'Mommy' and no 'Me's' get together once in a while. What do we do? We still talk about the 'Me's the WHOLE TIME~ha! Fun to have a group such as this. :)

  6. Awwww, I just found your blog and had to comment on those precious faces! I was pregnant with 3 other friends and we are looking forward to our little girls growing up together as well!!

  7. These are SO great, Casey!!! :) The four pack is awesome!

  8. That is so neat how they were all born within weeks of each other. What a blessings. So, are you all going to get preggo at the same time again =)

  9. These pictures are so cute! I love the one of Daisy and Joey chillin on the couch :) Sam is so cute and alert- his eyes are so big!! Glad you had a fun day with the four pack :)

  10. I bow to your superior photography skills! How it the WORLD did you get 4 babies to cooperate!? Maybe I'll make myself feel better and tell myself they couldn't get away. That's just about the sweetest picture I've seen! GORGEOUS pics!

    Oh, and I love your family shot above - the "blooper." Those are TRULY the best kind. What family sits in a row and smiles perfectly? Not mine! LOL! :-)

  11. i can't believe how big all the kids are!


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