Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Power of Persuasion

When we were younger we did things, bought things, wore things, said things often as a result of peer influence aka peer pressure right? Now that we are older we don't call it peer pressure anymore because we like to think that we are making our own decisions without anyone telling us what to do...after all, we are adults now. But, are we really making all of our decisions on our own? I wanted the Sophie giraffe teething toy for my daughter because I started seeing it everywhere; on blogs, on TV, in adds, hearing about it via word of mouth etc. I became convinced that Sophie had the be the most amazing thing in the world and my daughter just had to have a Sophie! Truth be told, I do love the Sophie teething toy and I think it's safe to say that Daisy loves her too but, is Sophie really worth $20 and is she the only teething toy that will make a baby happy...(?). I never thought I would grow up and be one of those people that goes out and gets something so eagerly because I have been totally won over by someones simple words, by a blog post, by a commercial etc. I'm such a sucker! I can name a bunch of things off the top of my head that I have purchased lately at the prompting of some sort of persuasion: Daisy's exersaucer (did she need it? no, but I saw it at a friend's house and wanted it), my converse (every one's doing it), Starbucks breakfast blend (it's illegal not to drink Starbucks right?), a large wall clock (it got 5 out of 5 stars and everyone on JC Penny's website said it was amazing so of course I had to have it!), my hair stylist (I heard she could highlight my hair in less than an hour when it usually takes closer to three...I was sold), Suave Professionals for hair (it may be crap, but my stylist said it works and I believe her)...this list could go on endlessly if I wanted it to. On the flip side I have noticed that if someone suggests something to me and I don't entirely respect them or maybe I even find them annoying (haha) I might completely refuse to even give the thing that they have recommended the time of day. Horrible thing to say I know. How many of you have known someone by a certain name and been like, "oh boy, I could never name my kid ____ because they are so mean, bratty, selfish, spoiled, arrogant etc.?" Um, guilty. hehe

I think the most recent thing that I have been persuaded to want through blogs, product reviews and spousal encouragement is a higher quality Canon camera. All it took was seeing one gal's amazing pictures on her blog and reading that she uses this particular type of Canon and I'm sold. Now I just have to have it. Sad huh. haha. So, how about you? Have you found yourself persuaded to buy or want something lately and can you pin point where the persuasion came from?


  1. Well, you could think of it as peer pressure, or just informing others. I mean, would you know about the exersaucer if you didn't see it at someone else's house? (and yes that is almost a need for a baby HA!) or if you didn't hear about how great something worked and you never tried it, then you would be missing out on it. As long as you don't let it consume you and drive you to be unsatisfied with what you DO have then it should be ok!

    I saw a baby carrier that another churh-goer had and I had to have it because of how useful it looked! I would shout on top of a mountain to all who wanted to hear how great it was!

    By the way, AWESOME background! I looked at that one too:-) What to go for it!

  2. I agree with what you're saying. It's hard to resist when it seems like everyone else has something.

    This sounds silly but one thing I've been wanting is a cute shirt with those ruffle flowers on them. I see them everywhere and I never buy clothes for myself, so I've really been wanting a flower ruffle shirt! :)

  3. Hey Case! I think it's really easy to feel like our babies need everything. But they really don't. Although some things sure make life easier, don't they! It's funny because after reading your sophie post I started thinking about maybe getting one for Cooper cause he is always teething.

    I keep up to date on your posts, I'm just not the best commenter these days because I usually have a quick minute to read or have cooper in my arms. But I still love reading your blog. Daisy is really changing! She is looking more like Daddy. It was so funny. As I was just reading the last few posts, I was holding Cooper and he was a bit fussy and then one of Daisy's pictures stopped him dead in his tracks and his mouth opened and his binki fell out! hehe. And then I played the video and he was so into it. She is a cutie, that Daisy! I love how you write about all the details of each stage. I find myself relating to so much of it and thinking I need to write in that much detail too because I will soon forget these things. This is going to be the best baby book for her! I'll zip it now. Love you!

  4. Well, I'm not an adult yet, but I do know that when Skinny Jeans came into style out here in Cali, I absolutely hated them, I thought it was just a punk-kid fad that would hopefully fade the way of minnie skirts and....other things. haha. And now...out of my eight pairs of pants...I have two pairs that aren't skinny...weird. =)

  5. Um, a camera. In fact, the cameras that take all of the gorgeous pictures you and other bloggers take that look super professional. It's made it to where I just dont post pics on my blog from my camera much anymore because I cant stand how they look compared to other peoples :) Does that count?!
    And yes, an exersaucer is a MUST have. You'll see :)

  6. You know Casey, I've been there but now that I have six kids things change. Wanting to teach my children about serving others, saving, giving and living more frugal and simple it changes a person. We don't watch cable for that reason. My children don't see all the television ads and I love it. They are not focused on what they 'need' to have or want because they don't see it and Lupe and I try to live more simple for them. It's really neat seeing the children giving to a missionary or spending their money on a sibling.
    Hope I don't sound preachy or anything. The last thing I did purchase because I had to have it was an $80.00 exersuacer for Lance. The piano one.

  7. Get a Sophie! Come on! Everyone's doing it! It will make you feel goooood!! Haha! I believe there will always be peer pressure but there is an upside here. If we are feeling pressured to buy an awesome camera when YOU are an AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER (I have visited your other site), isn't it better than, oh I don't know, Crack?? Booze? Pot? Smokes? Well, cross off the smokes example please! I quit smoking for 12 years and picked it up again 5 years ago because people around me smoke and I am an adult! Smoking is legal! If I want one, I'll have one! Ok...maybe I am not the right person to tell you it is ok to get that camera! =)

  8. You crack me up Nicki! :-) I agree that it is okay to get something based on feedback if it is for a useful purpose! Persuasion is certainly not always bad by any means...hence why I highlighted the Sophie word over again to see if I would persuade anyone to want one! hahaha:)

  9. Wow, this is such a great post! Made me think...lately I haven't had many people tell me what they tried and loved and think I should try. In the summer, one of my girlfriends simply said she was signing up her daughter for a space camp and I thought that sounded like fun, my kids would like that. So I signed them up without knowing much about it, lol.

  10. After I say this, I'll probably start thinking of a bunch of examples that makes me out to be a liar...but there are very few things I buy because of others. I bought a hooter hider after seeing everyone use them...but not before I tried a plain blanket...discovering I couldn't do with without the hole to see down....never got used to it. The other thing I can think of is the goodnite light. Everyone at church has them. I didn't buy one for over a year, but once my boys started waking up at 4 in the morning, I researched and it seemed the best alternative.
    Otherwise....if I own something fashionable, my husband bought it for me, if they kids ask for something, they'll usually end up with it for a special occasion.....I'm very content with what I have and don't see others and want. I only want what I need. I'm out of makeup, I want more. Out of deodarent, I want more :) I'm weird, I guess?
    On the other hand, the name thing I totally agree with!! I truely believe that people live up to the meaning of their names. Generally speaking, most kids will be like it. There are weird ones, like Jesse means wealthy one. LoL! Those that are descriptive about a personality are usually right on! I will not name my kid a name that means fiery one, princess, fighter, etc. :)

  11. I though about this post today when I read the cover of my Garden Design magazine. "15 MUST HAVES" I didn't even open the magazine because my attitude showed its fangs! "DON'T TELL ME WHAT I OUGHT TO BUY! I'M TELLING CASEY ON YOU, STUPID MAGAZINE!"


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