Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Family Juggle

I had a blast doing an outdoor photo session with my little gal (thankfully I had our nanny's assistance) for her half birthday (6 months in case you are wondering what that is). Daisy was loving the outdoor air and sunshine and was only to happy to cooperate and since she is able to sit up now I am finally able to try out so many new ideas on her. Poor child. She is my little guinea pig but, at this point I swear she doesn't mind! I will be posting oodles more pictures from this session on her BD Friday stay tuned...though I will admit I didn't edit a single other picture in this style. Just thought this looked kinda neat and nostalgic, perfect for a sneak peak.

To close out this post I have a fun question for all you moms and wives out there: How do you and your hubby juggle the daily childcare duties? Who does what? Have you found that a routine works best with each person knowing what is expected of them or are things handled more spontaneously depending on the day? What does your hubby do to help you that you really appreciate? I'd love to hear your thoughts! My hubs and I had a good heart to heart about our thoughts on this tonight and it was good for both of us! I know that a perfect and 100% "fair" balance is not realistic and is probably a harmful expectation in a marriage. Every family has to figure out what works best for them and every married couple has to communicate and work regularly together to juggle the family responsibilities. They key is doing this in such a way that there is no resentment or frustration building up in one direction or the other. I appreciate that my hubby is always so helpful about getting chores done around the house I can always count on him doing things without grumbling. He is very helpful and even asks for to do lists so that he can help around the house....I think he learned to enjoy checking things off from me. We are special like that. I appreciate that my hubby has made tons of dinners for us since our daughter was born because I am too fried at the end of the day to make anything. Just tonight he grilled up some hot dogs outside in the rain! What a guy. Your turn......:-)


  1. This pic is beautiful! I really like the pink hue and her innocent gaze. She looks like daddy from that angle!

  2. So beautiful!! She is such a doll!
    At our house, I do most of the childcare duties... but I think my wonderful husband realizes that when he gets home from work- I am spent. :) He is not afraid to change a diaper or feed the baby food to the baby... but, I think it's a big more spontaneous at our house. :)
    Hope you're having a good week!

  3. So beautiful. I love it!

    I do most of the childcare, cooking, cleaning, etc. He brings home the money and keeps up the outside. Now don't get me wrong he will help when I am desperate but he won't just volunteer to do stuff. I have to ask him to specifically do something.

  4. My hubby and I would take turns waking up with the baby. With one child I know he woke up most nights. He also helps around the house. He does laundry and actually cleans the house better than I do. I'm so thankful for his help. Lately he has been working crazy hours; I miss his help ;) but he so sweet, always thanking me for taking care of the house.
    Can't wait to see more pics of Daisy's half birthday. Happy Half Birthday,Daisy =)

  5. My husband does most of the cooking and cleaning...I'm more or less the helper right now. During the week, I keep things tidy and then on the weekend, he does the details. This will likely change when we have a child and I'm at home all day.

  6. We do what works for our schedule as it is constantly changing. For the most part, I do meals, bathtime, bedtime, and transporting to child care, we share the cooking and the cleaning (though Mike easily does WAY more of those than I do). Mike is the better disciplinarian, and I am learning from him how to really make Brayden understand his unacceptable actions, and play time :) Brayden loves having his boy-time with Mike :)! Oh and Mike manages the money, always has, always will, ugh, I hate $$!

  7. what a great photo of miss daisy! LOVE that dress...oh for a girl! hehe. oh...the housework chores. I would have to say that I take care of the inside (including the kiddos most of the time...Mike hasn't been with both for more than 4 hours ever-which will change) and Mike does the outside and cars. I do money since he isn't home and can't keep up with the bills, but I never do anything major without his help! It is crazy to figure out a new routine once a babe comes and I am sure working full time is quite different than a SAHM. No matter what though, it is all work, and it is to be done for the Lord:-)

  8. Such a beautiful picture!! Next time you come out I definitely want you to do a photo shoot of my kids!!! Although good luck with the three of them!!
    Jess doesn't do much in the way of kids. My goal is for him to play with them while I do the dinner dishes, but that rarely works out. Since Mikayla was born, he's been stepping up and helping brush the boys teeth at night! :) He's even given the boys a bath or two (although he usually rewards himself with some Modern Warefare! LoL!)!


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