Monday, September 20, 2010

She Sits

We've been working with Daisy to strengthen her back and neck muscles in any way that we can since she hates being on her tummy. We've concluded that she is most likely never going to like being on her tummy and might just bypass crawling and go straight for pulling up and walking. lol. We sit her in the bumbo and in her exersaucer a lot and that has done the trick. The past couple of weeks we've been sitting her up and assisting her minimally and to our surprise she was doing pretty good on her own. She still is not 100% for the record. She teeters and falls over after about a minute or two. I'm quite certain she will be good to go in about a week or so. It's so neat to see how happy she is to be sitting up on her own and off of her back. Now she sometimes welcomes being put on her back to rest since sitting up tires her out at this point. Soooooo cute to see her sitting!! My baby is almost 6 months (two weeks to go) and already sitting!!! Wowie. I'm so proud of my big girl!!!

I was talking with a friend today and I was reminded that I never followed up on Daisy's stranger anxiety issue on the blog. I would say that from birth to 3.5 - 4 months Daisy had a really difficult time being left alone with anyone but me. It was so hard on me because she could cry for hours on end until I returned which made me never want to go anywhere. I scoured the internet to see what people suggested and asked all of my friends but none of them had really ever experienced the same situation and I will say that I think it can be hard for people to relate to something when they have not experienced the same thing. I blamed myself and felt like I had done something wrong by being home every day with her or spending too much time with her (:!&&#) blah blah blah but, I can confidently say now that it just is what it is. Daisy had stranger anxiety..I don't care what any person or book said, I just know and as she got older and understood better who was around she grew to be more comfortable in other people's company. It's wonderful! It is soooooo emotionally draining to leave a child that has separation anxiety when it is a real thing lemme tell you. To all you moms who have experienced this my heart and compassion goes out to you because it is not fun and you aren't alone...I've been there. It's so easy to second guess ourselves as parents, to compare ourselves etc. but, we all know our kids best and we need to trust our instincts! All that being said, it is soooooo nice to see that Daisy has naturally worked through this on her own without my stress or help. God is so faithful because I was praying about this for a long time and he took care of it! Thank you Jesus. It's so nice to be able to go out and leave Daisy with Joey or a family member and know that she is no longer wigging out the entire time. What a load lifted lemme tell yah! Have any of you ever experienced a similar situation as a parent?

"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19


  1. yay, Daisy!!! She's awesome :)

  2. she just looks so much older in that picture casey! I don't know what it is:-) Have you used your boppy (if you have one) to sit around her? That always worked for the boys! I think it is almost impossible to not compare to other mothers when you become one. Always wondering if you are doing the right thing. I know I fault at that unfortunately effected my breastfeeding to much and made if more stressful that needed. I am glad that you have moved past what others think about the anxiety situation and have dealt with what it is! It will make you a better parent and Daisy happier! Babies can't read, but we can read our babies:-)

  3. Yay! For sitting up! She is so cute. Glad she is getting the stranger anxiety. Dustyn was like that. He wouldn't let anyone else hold him till he was older. Then he started doing it again around 14 months and now he is over it now.

  4. Daisy looks a lot older in this photo for some reason, what a cutie. I'm glad she naturally got through the separation anxiety - it really is not fun to watch your baby struggle. My daughter had it intense - my son had it long - so I can relate and say I'm so glad God is the one who knows them best and gives us wisdom on how to help them.

  5. Yay big girl!! Look how big she is?? Can we switch babies? You mail me her and i'll mail you King... Deal? haha

  6. So excited she can sit up! It will make life so much easier. Big girl!


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