Sunday, September 5, 2010

Teeth Time...already

My poor tired, teething gal konked out in the living room on her play mat, while watching Veggie Tales today and took a nice 45 minute nap on the floor. I didn't want to move her because she had such short naps previous to this one due to us being out for church. Best to leave a good thing alone right:).
Our little five month old surprised us by cutting her two bottom teeth this week! I noticed that she exhibited all of the symptoms of a nasty baby cold for several days; coughing, runny nose, fussy, sleeping poorly, diarrhea and even vomiting. I took her to the pediatrician (I'm sorry to be critical but, they really are a horrible office and I can't wait to find a better place for Daisy) and they not only had nothing to say about her cold but, they wouldn't even confirm she was teething to give me some sort of comfort. Literally the next morning Daisy's two bottom teeth had broke the surface and everything for the past week now makes a lot of sense. I just wasn't expecting Daisy to cut teeth this young so I was ignoring the signs. My mother in law told me that my hub's teeth came in when he was about four or five months old also so I guess Daisy is taking after her Daddy in more ways than just her looks! lol. Our poor little gal is in so much pain and as a result she is quite miserable depending on the time of the day. I hope for her sake that her teefers come all the way through quickly so the worst will be over for a while.



  1. Aww poor little Daisy. Hope she gets to feeling better soon. It is always hard to see them in pain.

  2. she is too cute Casey...sleeping and playing! Gotta love that tongue...always an indicator! Glad you know what is going on with her now and hopefully you have some comfort!

  3. Maybe she will let you sleep a bit at night now. Maybe a little tylenol to soothe her for a bit. She is precious!

  4. Awe, baby girl! You are so cute Daisy! I love when they do that with their tongue as they get used to something new in their mouth!

  5. That picture says it all! Hope the fridge cleaning went well....

  6. How cute she is with that tongue! Congrats on this next stage!! Caution if nursing! Although my son waited until he was 8 months old to draw blood, the little vampire!

  7. Teeth are so tricky (2 of ours had teeth come in at 4 months- I was SO shocked)- I always feel so bad for them. Your sweet girl is as cute as ever though!


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